Studying companies to invest #07 – Alphabet

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Alphabet Inc, a company created due to the GOOGLE restructuring process in 2015, is simply one of the largest companies in the world.

Alphabet's portfolio has been expanding continuously across many sectors, such as technology, life sciences, investment capital, and research.


Despite being a company with several subsidiaries and products, Alphabet is an advertising company since 84% of its revenue comes from this service.

Another 14.5% of revenue is the result of the cloud services segment and the remainder comes from the fiber internet and smartphones segment.

The history is composed of revenues, profits, EBITDA, and generation of free cash flow with significant growth over the years.

Another financial highlight is its huge cash flow.

The company has already received billion-dollar fines from the European Union for blocking advertisements from competitors.

Such fines have had very little effect on the company's money generation, but it shows that the company should begin to make life less difficult for competitors.

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