Delegations!!! Where to delegate???

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This post is about where I delegated and what I am unaware of. It's all about compounding. This is my list, please help me update and better it.

SPT: 3000 delegated to @monster-curator

POB: 6.3 delegated to @monster-curator

Hustler: 132 unaware where to delegate

Leo: 4.7 delegated to @leo.voter

Cent: 1.1 unaware where to delegate

Sports: 5867 delegated to @honoru.sports

Battle: 132 unaware where to delegate

BHT: 1.9 unaware where to delegate

BPC: 2.7 unaware where to delegate

CCC: 1.7 unaware where to delegate

CTP: 1.6 unaware where to delegate

STEM: 2.1 unaware where to delegate

MEME: 139 unaware where to delegate

WAIV: 19.5 unaware where to delegate

Oneup: 200 delegated to @monster-curator

VIBES: 14.1 delegated to @risingstargame

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HIVE delegated ?


Please elaborate more about what you want to ask.



Where is Hive delegated?

I think you have a lot to catch up. Visit leodex or leowallet and you can stake tokens and delegate them. Your question is wrong as hive is non stakable token. Everytime you post on leofinance you get leo and splintertalk gives you spt. every tag in post is a second layer platform having there on currencies.

Let me know if you need a bit more help to understand them but first visit sites I mentioned.


I think that @Steem82868 wanted to talk about delegating Hive Power (HP) :P

About this, I'm currently delegating some HP to; I've ran some calculations, and looks like it has the best APY, a bit better than the common HP delegation programs that pays 100% of the Hive Curation back.

Sorry some misunderstanding and thanks for clearing it for me. !PIZZA

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Is there a reason to delegate POB and OneUp to @monster-curator, and VIBES to @risingstargame? Do they also distribute the curation rewards on those tokens?

Monster-curator is a spt curator that now also give curators for oneup or at least give oneup vote. This allows me to compound my spt which compounds sps. Risingstargame is a curator of musicforall or curator of risingstar game which upvotes in vibes.

You can play risingstar for free no investment needed and earn crypto that you can change or withdraw Like btc. Using my link to join. If give my refferals 95% to 125% starbits i earn from refferal program. Check out my post to see winners.


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Hi, I dont know if you are still doing this, but you can delegate a number layer 2 coins to gain LOLZ, but you have to do it to the correct account ([see this post](see this post)) - this inlcudes th elikes of WAIV, SPORTS, CENT, CTP - and it pays back 110% of those outputs in LOLZ. I've been using them to up my LOLZ count. I hope that helps. Cheers @hoosie

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This post is outdated. A better info but in a comment