How to avoid cybercrime in times of pandemic.

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Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón.
Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

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We are currently living an unstoppable and globalized process and we will have it with more energy by the situation caused by the Covid-19, which has forced many people in the world, to stay at home to comply with a quarantine in some cases voluntarily and in others forcedly. This in turn has led to carry out other tasks among citizens, such as digital work, virtual education, Internet shopping, among other usual activities, in order to avoid being infected and the transmission of the virus.

It should be noted that many of the platforms are being widely used and these collect user data, such as educational platforms are storing data of students as well as teachers, the content they access, as well as regular class schedules. With this relevant information a large database is being established, which can be used to generate income (wealth), as they can sell this information, because they know where to locate it and what kind of content and platforms can be developed in the near future. For cybercrime, it is the first level of use of the Internet where they can make a first diagnosis of the information on the necessary elements.

The second level is digital security. Since with all that data flow on the network there are people and corporations who seek to have that information in a non-consensual way, since when opening an account and knowing your information without your consent such as personal data, there is a third party who will also want to have it and if it is not for sale, will access that information fraudulently. And that is also called cybercrime, this is a crime that affects individuals, businesses and governments.

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Cybercrime encompasses a wide variety of crimes such as hacking, to the media with fake news, botnets, malware and others. They are crimes that are carried out in theft of identity theft, fraud, sales, illegal activities or deception through emotional lies.

To avoid this situation there are some platforms that have open codes that are free and can be customized by adding your own security keys, this is what does not happen when you purchase a package within an organization. We can also through the use of free software the user/installer is the one who can control access and build their level of security as they wish, of course as long as they have experience and knowledge of it.

The cybercrime is transnational and is not subject to any country, but overcomes the barriers of the borders and this is due to the establishment of servers all over the world for the range of computer operations and hosting of the different webs. Cybercrime is increasing rapidly, with new forms continuously, because as regulations (prohibitions) increase, so do the ways of generating crime, causing damage to morale, economy and finances.

In order to avoid cybercrime, it is necessary to periodically change the passwords of the systems we use, this task should become a habit. It is also important not to access public Wi-Fi sites, because by doing so, companies take advantage of the data sent by the user and can use it for other purposes.

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