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In one of my recent posts, I talked about the Create a problem, sell the solution marketing strategy that tech giants like Apple and Samsung use to keep their sales numbers up. I also talked about how Apple sells us basically the same phone year after year, each year with a few minor changes and a new name, but no major change in the devices looks or performance.

There are some group of people who have straight up concluded Apple’s updates are focused on their camera, and if you take a close look at things, you might agree with them. Not that the newer phones are only different from the older ones because of the different cameras, but because the camera is the feature of focus for every major update.

Maybe that’s okay, because it seems today’s world is a lot more focused on the camera quality and power than we care about other features. Again, not that that’s the only thing we care about in our phones, but because it seems to be the feature prioritized.



News about one of Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 14 Plus(basically a bigger iPhone 14) suggests that apple has halted it’s production due to low sales.

Something interesting showed up in my search when I was putting together my last post. It would seem Apple customers are finally realizing what is worth their money and what is not. Right from the iPhone 6+ and 6s+ which were the first Pluses of iPhones, every iPhone that is a plus is basically just a bigger version of the major release without the plus attached to it. The 6+ and 6s+ are bigger versions of the iPhone 6 and 6s respectively.

At some point, Apple didn’t want to get boring, and switched from using plus to indicate the size, and then changed their game to “Max” like what we saw starting with the iPhone X Max,the 11 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, and the now failing 14 Pro Max.

Back to the topic, it’s not even just about Apple customers not wanting to buy the same phone over and over again anymore, but it appears, according to some sources, the iPhone 14 has been reported to have some bugs related to software glitches and camera performance as far as third party apps are concerned, and the software bugs also cause it to freeze and lag during data transfer for some users.

Freezing during data transfer

One thing Apple users enjoy is the ease in transferring their data to a different phone everytime they upgrade to a better iPhone. This is done through the data transfer option during setup of the new iPhone.

th 1.jpg

Some people who have tried transferring their files to the new iPhone 14 during setup have complained that the phone freezes up during the data transfer, making it very difficult to get their old files to the new iPhone.

According to MacRumours, Apple admitted to knowing about this and have suggested that people force restart their phones when this happens.

In the memo, Apple says it is "aware of this issue happening and is investigating." Apple specifically says that some customers may find their new ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ or ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max models freezing and becoming unresponsive after an iCloud restore or data transfer from their previous ‌iPhone‌ during the Quick Start process.
As a temporary fix, Apple advises customers to force restart their ‌iPhone‌ if it becomes unresponsive for more than five minutes. source

Issues With The Camera

For a phone that most people bought expecting the best camera experience, the issue with the shaky iPhone 14 camera on 3rd party social media apps like Tiktok, Snapchat and Instagram definitely is a problem. A lot of people’s customer base is celebrities and creators on these top platforms, and it’ll definitely affect sales if camera performance doesn’t live up to expectation after spending hundreds of dollars to make the purchase.

This bug is said to be from an Optical image Stabilization malfunction. This stems from the fact that optical stabilization is the feature responsible for stabilizing the camera and reducing blurring or preventing during motion.

Luckily, this bug was fixed with the IOS 16.02 update, so people who still experience this should try a software update and they’ll be good.

Apple is already undeniably one of the best (if not the best) in the mobile phone and accessory industry, and have some very great products. Still, this low sales situation with the iPhone 14 could be a call to change and do even better. Apple produces one of the top most expensive phones out there and maybe their customers are finally starting to hold them accountable for their pricing. The most expensive phones need to be packed with the smoothest smartphone experience.

Then again, the low sales could've been due to economic hardship right now. Maybe not as many Apple users can afford the thousand-dollar iPhone like apple thought. What do you think?

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Am not surprised that a lot of people buy newer iPhones because of the camera. Well, am not one of these people thought. If I was given a chance to choose between the camera and phone performance I will go for phone performance. I love it when my phone lasts for a long time rather than just switching because of camera quality.

I like huge phones, this is one reason why I will always go for the pro max versions of the iPhone but even before doing that I know the only difference is the camera. But I don’t mind spending a few more for the size of the phone. I use my phone for almost everything that’s not code related so prefer to a big screen.

Maybe in the future if am not getting the type of screen size I want I might consider switching to a Samsung; I’ve been a Samsung fun all my life :)

I’m the exact opposite. I don’t like big phones, even though I’m currently using one. I mostly try to avoid the the MAXs and Plus as much as I can because if that. The only reason why I bought this phone and not the Pro was because I didn’t find a Pro available when I was about to change. I like the small size phones because they’re very portable and fit into my small hands lol. If I ever have a few cedis to spend on an upgrade, it definity won’t be a Pro Max iPhone. Could even be a Samsung like you, or maybe a One Plus- I’ve always had an eye on them but never used one before.

Oh come on on the pros are too small😂. My brother uses a pro and boy do I hate it. He knows how much I don’t like his phone cause each I hold it I complain about it being too small. 😂

I think the one plus is a nice phone too. I’ve watched a few reviews on that brand and I think it’s definitely a good buy. But it’s not for me, I prefer a Samsung or an iPhone.

Awhile back I considered buying an iPhone because of the improved camera.

Apple seems to employ planned obsolescence into its products. So, if I bought the phone, I would have a useless camera in a decade.

I realized that I would be better off buying a cheap phone and a nice stand alone camera that would last several decades.

Good plan. I wish I thought about this when I was upgrading from my iPhone X to 11 Pro Max. A stand alone camera definitely would’ve been more useful. Around here, people hire their DSLRs to cover events and they earn from it. So that could’ve been a side hustle aside using it for Hive.

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If indeed this phone ends up having a low market, I wouldn’t be surprised. The iPhones are fast but aside the camera upgrades the phones basically look the same.

You take at how much effort Samsung puts into the design of their phones and you wonder how apple still has a more loyal fan base.

A lot of our people here are only focused on what they hear about these phones and most of us haven’t used the high end Samsungs like the S10s, notes, S21s and even the most priced Huaweis.

I wouldn’t mind switching back to Samsung in the future cos honestly the battery performance of my phone hasn’t impressed me at all.

Well, I’m glad people are finding waking up and realizing all the phones are the same. Instead of all these little upgrades, they should focus on a stronger battery. But no, they left it like that so that you have to keep switching from time to time