With an eSim, Say Goodbye To Using A Sim Card On Your Device!

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Hey guys, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I’m a tech freak. Specifically when it comes to phones, I’m the guy you call when your device has a software problem. So as much as I can, I try to always have the fanciest settings and apps, because well, I need to fit into the role, right?

Well tonight, I messed around a bit in my sim carrier’s app and took a look at something I’ve been seeing for a while but have completely been ignoring- An eSim.

Two months ago when I was on TikTok, I saw one creator talking about how eSims granted certain phones the dual sim ability. But because of my short attention span, I didn’t pay attention or see the video to the end, so I didn’t really get what he was on about. But now I do.

so an eSim basically from my understanding so far basically is an imprint of your sim card on your mobile number on your device. This makes the phone capable of operating without the sim card, while still being fully functional in regards to what it could do with a sim card in it. So even without the sim in the phone, you get to make phone calls, send text messages, browse and everything else! All without a sim card inserted of course.

Now at first thought, this sounds like how a mobile hotspot works. But the difference here is that with a mobile hotspot you can’t receive phone calls, or send text message from a sim that is not on your phone.

Dual sim ability

The coolest part of an eSim in my opinion is the fact that even for phones with one sim slot, after your mobile number is imprinted on your phone, you can take out the number imprinted and put in a totally different sim card so that your phone now operates on two numbers.


In my case, even though my phone has one sim slot, I removed my MTN number(which my eSim is on) and fixed my vodafone into my phone. I actually broke my MTN sim card in excitement and whiles I was doing it, I was hoping the entire time that I didn’t just hallucinate the idea of an eSim and broke my sim as a result. That would ne a helluva story. Lol.


So yeah, now I’m operating two sim cards on an iPhone 11 Pro Max which only supports one sim slot. How cool is that?!

The dual sim ability in turn unlocked some new settings on my phone. Now, I get the chance to select which sim to use as primary sim(main sim) or secondary sim when I want to browse, make a phone call or send messages. So something like the Sim 1 or 2 pop up androids have when you try to make a phone call.


Another feature it unlocked reminds me of something my galaxy s6 used to have. On my galaxy s6, the phone automatically switched to a data connection if my wifi was slow. The new feature similar to this that comes with the activation of my eSim on my iPhone is similar to this. According to the description of the feature, if you turn on Allow Mobile Data Switching, you can use data from both sims depending on coverage and availability.


Now…I get that many people already know about eSims and have been using them for years, maybe decades. But this is something new to me and I’m sure it is to a lot of other West Africans.

Please note though that once you request for an eSim on your number, your sim card gets deactivated once the eSim is activated.

Okay so what if I need to change a new phone?

Glad you asked. In the case that you ever want to change a new phone, you’d simply need to take your phone and your Ghana card (this part is specially for Ghanaians) to MTN office and ask for sim replacement and you’ll have the eSim removed and back to your sim card for you. Easy peezy!


Another even easier way to remove an eSim for iPhone users is that you could hop right into your settings and delete your eSim. That basically takes your phone back to the ordinary phone it was before the eSim activation.

If you don’t get the crap I’m raving on about, you could simply call MTN office to be connected to an agent and they for sure will do a better job at explaining than I have. Lol

Also at this time, I don’t think we have eSims available for Vodafone yet, so yeah, sorry to the Vodafone fam. Looks like you’re going to have to go MTN if you want this now. Lol great marketing strategy, MTN.

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I was about to ask which one is Vodafone? Then I saw that it is GH. The eSim stuff is cool. I may like it, I may not but overall, I will try it.

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Wait…I thought there was Vodafone in Nigeria(?)

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Uhm... I don't remember such. There was but I don't think it's still operating.

I’ve requested for an Esim for like a month now and MTN have not said anything yet. Each time I text them it’s the same story. They keep telling me they will contact me within 24 to 48hours.

I remember I went to their office last two weeks but still.

I’m surprised. I requested for the eSim just last night and in less than an hour, an MTN agent called me and took me through the eSim activating process. Maybe try again on the My MTN app?

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The esim look cool, it makes things work easier, even when your mtn sim broke, you still used it, nice.

Advancements in tech are always the next cool things waiting to happen.

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A lot of people in Nigeria are still alien to eSim, and it's probably because it's complex. The way you access easily to network providers in Ghana is quite different from in Nigeria. The stress is crazy, I must tell you.

I don’t think it’s complex though. But then complexity is relative to the person in question so maybe me and you won’t see it complex because we’re used to evolving tech.

The way you access easily to network providers in Ghana is quite different from in Nigeria. The stress is crazy, I must tell you.

Yeah network and electricity in Ghana is relatively more stable, I guess. We mostly have 24/7 access unless some problem occurs on a general scale with the companies involved in supply.

But depending on which part of Ghana you’re from, you could still experience problems with electricity and network access. The big cities mostly don’t get that much stable electricity due to the pressure and demand, but then the very rural places struggle too. So hour best bet is a mid place-not too urban and not too rural. Lol

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So many Nigerians comes to Ghana to experience stability in network and electricity. It's mostly a shit show in so many places in Nigeria. The system is so primitive, everything that has to do with tech in Nigeria is primitive and slow and when it isn't, it's only wealthy people that has access to it.

I’ve heard about the poor network and access to stable electricity in Nigeria but I never imagined it was that bad. I can understand in the case of electricity since you’ll need money to fuel a Gen if you want a stable electricity supply. If you can afford a Gen anyways.

Fuel has skyrocketed in price in recent times. We can say these things are derived. They know people will choose generators so they decided to hike the price of fuel.