Unstoppable Domains | Blockchain Domains

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Unstoppable Domains | Blockchain Domains

The current system of the Internet is flawed at the root.
The Internet started as a project to transfer messages, and at that time it did what it needed to. We had dial-up modems, technology was still developing and then like a bolt of lightning, technology was here, and we had to catch up. The idea of using it as a payment system was never conceived and consequently it took over 25 years to fully integrate payment systems such as "Stripe". New systems were built on top of old systems based on antiquated ideas that don't make sense in todays world.

Blockchain domains, or unstoppable domains provide one solution to this problem.

What are blockchain domains ?

The simplest form they are a domain asset stamped on a blockchain.

This is a great quote from Tech Republic on what they are.

Unstoppable Domains' conceit, as stated in a press release, is that "the self-custody nature of blockchain domains gives owners the ability to create uncensorable websites and permissionless transfers. Once domains are transferred into a user's wallet, those users have full custody over that asset." In effect, this prevents registrars from locking domains used for fraud or abuse also circumventing the potential for arbitration, like the ICANN Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP). Source > techrepublic.com

This all means that when you buy a blockchain based domain, it is yours forever, it's easy to transfer ownership to anyone, and the website cannot be taken down by any group or government. How cool is that?

In essence, it is like decentralized blogging.

As Ron Popeo says, "But wait there's more"...

Cryptocurrency Payments

Another valid and exciting use case for blockchain addresses is that, you can replace long cryptocurrency payment addresses with a human-readable addresses. With the exception of a HIVE address, if you want to send someone cryptocurrency such as ETH, you have to go to your wallet and copy a long string of numbers, if you mess up, the funds will not come to your account and you lose.

With an unstoppable domain, you can attach your cryptocurrency address to your unstoppable domain and then give the person paying you "yourname.crypto", and like magic there you go. The chance of messing that up is less and it's much easier to remember, not to mention being more secure.


Our current Internet system is flawed. Payments are not native to the World Wide Web, it is not censorship resistant, and centralized entities control the web. This has to change.

Cryptocurrency based domains provide user experience improvements in the form of easier to remember and use payment addresses, and these domains are controlled by their owners. This all allows the Internet to be rebuilt by users, and not curtailed by centralized powers. #Winning

Further, Unstoppable domain in conjunction with IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) (*See our article about IPFS HERE), provides the framework for a new censorship resistance web that is in reach.

Where you can learn more.

https://unstoppabledomains.com/ : The company behind this movement.

Chrome browser extension for unstoppable dimensions : you currently need this to view webpages hosted on crypto addresses.

  • What are your thoughts to the above article?
  • What are your thoughts on Blockchain based URLs?
  • Do you own a .crypto or .zil address?

Over and out.

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Very interesting! I’ll definitely search for more info about this.

what's d.buzz's .crypto domain?

Does it require any payments??

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Yes, it requires a one-time fee to register your domain. No yearly fees.

The last time I checked, it was $40 for .CRYPTO TLDs and $20 for .ZIL TLDs. 🕵️‍♂️