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RE: The return of Net Neutrality

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While I like the concept of net neutrality in theory, I am suspicious of government intervention. Just because some bill with net neutrality in the title gets passed doesn't mean it will be a net positive. More competition is a better solution but of course that can be difficult to achieve.


There are predatory laws in place to prevent competition.

For example, there is a law that you have to cover 98% of a town to provide service. This means you have to cover areas that have very little need for service. Companies like Comcast can get around these laws, but towns that want to provide their own service to their citizens or smaller ISPs have difficulty.

There are other laws and hurdles as well designed to protect larger companies like Comcast from any form of competition.

These larger companies have also work with each other to prevent overlap and raise their prices consistently.

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These big corporations buy corrupt politicians so they pass laws like these which basically give them a legal monopoly, and when a law that actually benefits the majority like Net Neutrality exists they try to do everything they can to get rid of it.

If the repubs had their way corporations would own everything and the only laws the government passed would only benefit corporations...

I share your same hesitation and distrust to solve this problem with bigger government solutions... but evolving how we human is always a tug-a-war and innovating better isn’t the easiest thing to do. Comcast has quite the moat around its business model by the sounds of it. I’m still learning about this so reading your comment helps me understand the topic more thoroughly. Thank you. 👍