Dealing with Procastination, a Risk Deprival

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Procastination has been known to be a thief of time. The aim of every stake holders of a blockchain is to make profit. No one is willing to bear the risk of investing in a platform or crypto that is full of uncertainties, yet, the wealth builders of today are product of these risk factors.


We could see the uprising of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ripple and Leo days back but now see the value come down again. If you're afraid of investing in bitcoin then you can just buy and keep for the sake of posterity. Life is full of risk at every side, even most multilevel marketing companies work on bare risky grounds. If we must grow as a community then we should be ready to take a bold font regarding Investment.

Today i may not be known to be a strong stakeholder in the Leofinance community, but I know I'm working towards achieving that soon. It's not about the little crypto i might be having in my wallet as i still have a very long way to go. I love this community and willing to grow, bring many newbies and investors to join the platform. So while investing or planning to attain growth on the platform, i'm putting others in mind. #Leofinance is built in ways that stimulates cordial and enterprising relationship amidst its users on the platform. When you help, you and others grow and benefit in such respect. This reactivates and replicates this wonderful mindset amidst the growing users of the platform.
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As the year is gradually drawing to an end, it's time to use the position we are as a template to build better ground that will benefit you in particular and the leofinance ecosystem as a whole.



Wishing all users and stakeholders of this platform, a merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance. Lots of love and i remain my humble self, @daniky.


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