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Letter to my Atheist and theist friends.

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A must read!

I'll huge y'all to Let separate God from the religio**Bold**us descriptions of God and look at God as just a creator who created the universe using the "language" of Mathematics and setting the laws of nature as the parameters of the universe; 

also I'm using the word "proof" loosely in this post and not in its strict definition that is used mathematically....
Science is there to explain the laws of nature, whereas God is there to considered to be supernatural and therefore existing outside of the laws of nature, there is no scientific way of proving or disproving God as of yet, it does not mean that we won't be able to do that in future. It just means that we cannot do it now, and therefore trying to prove or disprove the existence of God is unscientific due to lack of falsifiability e.t.c.

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However we also cannot explain the laws of Nature of what happened before the Big bang, scientists here will definitely understand what I mean by the "big bang', its not strange it's just the theory that holds the birth of the universe.

We haven't explored and understood the ENTIRETY of the universe, and we haven't even discovered the theory of Everything yet, So to say with complete certainty that God exists or does not exist, especially when you are willing to accept uncertainty in other areas is just "hypocritical", scientifically wrong!, foolish and arrogant!.

As a scientist, you must always be objective and never subjective.
To be able to think outside of the box, you need to know everything that's inside of the box and fully understand it; in other words, find the theory of everything and discover and understand the ENTIRETY of the universe before you start contributing to supernatural concepts.

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I want you to know that trying to prove or disprove God in today's day and age would be like going back in time to the era of Archimedes and trying to prove the concept of Quark-gluon plasma, something which 1 cubic centimetre of would weigh around 40 billon tons, something which sounds so extremely far-out and also something in which they had absolutely no empirical way of proving back then, even though it's always existed as we have discovered it being formed in particle accelerators etc....

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As we have no way of proving or disproving using God as a creator, there is nothing wrong with having faith in God or no faith in God, as faith is when you have belief in something that's strange or uncertain. However, religion should not be taught in science classrooms and science should not be taught in religious studies classroom okay, even if u are in a multidisciplinary course that teaches both science and religion.

This is because science requires you to be open minded and to not accept anything as the 100% truth but to keep exploring until you've found a model that's completely consistent and works in every possible scenario and then to still keep a model to begin with and then to follow that course entirely.
In conclusion, if you'd believe that we live in a simulation then you believe in God.

Thanks for reading.....


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