Shared data management with the Ocean Protocol for the good of all

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In this time of global crisis due to the pandemic caused by the appearance of the COVID-19 virus, the planet's scientists and researchers are doing their utmost to achieve a solution in the shortest possible time that will generate guarantees, and one of the most important technological bets is the use of Artificial Intelligence for this purpose.

For example; the North American company Microsoft in association with the Allen Institute or Deep Mind the research division for the development of the Artificial Intelligence of the company Google, are basing their efforts on this tool to analyze near 300,000 diverse reports on the disease, the outbreak, its origin and its evolution as well as analyzing other important data on the molecular structure of the virus to find an effective solution.

This need to analyze the data you have, has made some large companies in the technology sector such as Facebook or Google itself that store their data on their own servers and do not share some of their information, begin to think otherwise.

And this is where the Ocean Protocol comes in, to avoid that possible massive waste of collected data, giving researchers the possibility to analyze massive data in a decentralized way, which is a great contribution to solve problems that affect the priority areas of societies.

The Ocean Protocol allows, as we said, to decentralize the data while creating decentralized applications, apps and applications that allow the exchange and analysis of data but in a private and secure way.

The study carried out on covid-19 data using Artificial Intelligence as the main tool showed that learning, analysis and deep use of data in a decentralized way provides an important value to solve society's problems and for this purpose the Ocean Protocol is a great option.

I invite you to study about the Ocean Protocol.

See you soon.

image: Pixabay


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