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You sure can relate with your audience, sir. And I'm not just saying that cuz you highlighted UCLA. No, I don't watch college football or anything, it's my hometown.

LoL! My autocorrect had 'replace' for relate!!


Isn't it funny how easily we are swung by a touch of familiar?

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Absolutely. I can even quote myself saying things such as "Liverpool has the closest LA feel in England."

Ps - Liverpool's the only place we extended our stay an additional 30 days.

Yep, it is funny. Most people when travelling look for the similarities to home, not the differences. It means that they don't experience as much I think.

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I wouldn't suggest going straight to Liverpool and stay there, that's not what I meant. My best memories are elsewhere actually. Between me and you, it's just us here, right? We've been glued to housing options in a specific chunk of southern EU in preparation for the dropping of the gates. Sometimes i feel Olympic at the starting line and the gun's jammed. But familiarly was 'comfortable' for two months in the middle of two years—not gonna lie.

Yeah, I understood what you meant - I di the same here after 17 years too. I was more about the "casual" traveler, who looks for things that make them feel like home. Finns tend to search for potatoes and sausage ;D

South sounds good at -18 here :)

Hell A is a nice place to be from :)

I stay away from LA like the plague (that isn't so funny anymore, is it?). It seems I have to go once or twice a year, but...

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(that isn't so funny anymore, is it?)

The hell it ain't!

Wassup Tom? Hope you're having a nice week. I can't honestly say there's many places in this country other than New Orleans I'll avoid. I really enjoyed where I grew up.

And I loved summer weekends in Bullhead too. I don't like the cold but as far as city, LA, The Bay, NYC. What I like most is the atmosphere, music, and food. I like being in the middle of nowhere too. Tough to ruin my day.

I never spent much time in LA to be honest. There's obviously places and things that are unique but... I was way more about San Diego and San Francisco when I was out prowling around. I did love the Race scene in LA. There were some strange and wonderful cats that were just dedicated to going fast... The team I worked for had a shop space just where Chinatown and the Bario meet. Was a fun place to work. Lunch and dinnertime were exotic to say the least.

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Hey good morning Tom.

Oh you know then! Some of the best times in my day were Korea Town—"K Tooooowwn!" That's a common opinion to prefer San Diego and The Bay over LA, totally makes sense. Comparing the three is like comparing high winds in Glamis to a sunny day at Parker or Jackpot in Laughlin. I love all three but if I was given a choice, I'd still choose the path I was given.


And delicious! The best. Really, though, lay it on me. Have you been anywhere with better food than LA? If you say The Bay I won't argue it but I can't hand anywhere else such an easy pass.

I am going to say San Francisco, with an excuse (reason). I had a really good friend and mentor that had lived in San Francisco 20 years. He set me up with his friends that were still there and I had 'insider knowledge' all the time. I got to be really close with a couple of Harry's friends and somebody was always telling me to 'try the X.'

For just cold traipsing around? LA wins in the US I think. NYC isn't even close. Nashville, maybe. Fort Fucking Worth TX maybe. (who would have thought?) Closest thing to me would be Vancouver or Montreal.

I took my brother to Glamis for the first time ever last Sunday! He was just blown away. You know what I'm talking about!

I took my brother to Glamis for the first time ever last Sunday!

I got chills

That's the only one, I'll give The Bay a pass. You ever been to French Laundry in Napa? Oh man!!!

Dude I really like your opinion. I only mentioned NYC because it's popular, it was a sympathy mention. I'd rather retire in Forth Worth than live in New York. And that's exactly how I'd classify Nashville, too.

Funny, I'm working on another article right now and I specifically mention @bigtom13 in it.

You know? I've had some mighty good ribs in Nashville and have a friend that plays some blues there. But I have to admit that the best ribs ever is Arthur Bryant in Kansas City. I'll drive 500 miles out of my way to eat there.

I'd way rather retire in Fort Worth. Notice I didn't call it Dallas :)

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