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RE: Some of my students could use your help (ideas for how to add value to the Hive community)

in LeoFinance3 months ago

One of the ways Hive has added value for me is improving my skils. This goes for writing skils (english second language), but mostly for my data sciense skils, sql and python.

This is the case for many others data guys and devs around here. Hive can be used for practising skils for a lot of other subjects as well, like photogrphy for example, and even recieve small tips on the way.

They can even practice tokenomics with hive tokens, diesel pools etc.... creating small pools...but that is quite a chalange and comes with a cost, although not as big, especialy if shared. Much cheeper then eth :)

Since it is all open source and a live enviroment it enables everyone to jump onboard and practice what are they interested in many ways, write and post about it on the way, get some feedback from the comunity.

Maybe this can help your students, Hive as a tool to practice knowladge and skils in the "real" world on different subjects.

Sort: me with the Data science skill, sql and phyton yiu mentioned. How does Hive improve you in those areas

Have you checked my posts :)