Hive Engine Tokens Trading Volume | Which token has the most trading volume?

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Hive Engine and the projects on the platform has been around for almost a year now. Some started sooner others later. I as for the rest of the community have been following some of these projects and actively participating in them.


It’s been a learning experience watching some project succeed (although still early to tell) and others not as much. Actually, most of them haven’t made it. Few of them are showing some strength and potential.

One of the key indicators in the crypto world is the trading volume. It is also one of the most faked stat. So, lets see how are things doing on the Hive ecosystem with its microcap tokens 😊.

Here we will be looking into the following 10 tokens:

  • DEC
  • LEO
  • SIM
  • BEE
  • WEED
  • CTP
  • PAL
  • STEM

Some of the above are tribe tokens, others are game tokens.
We will take a look at the trading volume with time for each of them, and at the end a comparison for the last 30 days volume for each of them.


The Splinterlands in game token. Its one of the best crypto games out there.
Here is the chart for the trading volume for DEC.


DEC was launched in May 2019. As we ca see there is a clear uptrend here with a significant growth in the last month. DEC is traded on Hive and Steem Engine. The light orange color at the end represents the trading volume on Hive Engine. Looks like the volume is shifting towards Hive Engine.

Historically the trading volume for DEC has been just above 1k $, reaching 2k at time, but in the last month it has grown significantly reaching 6k to 8k $ per day.


The chart for LEO looks like this.


A U-shaped form here 😊. Obviously, a lot of interest when it started, then drop in the volume and a huge spike in the last month, reaching 1k at times.


Another game token, this time for dCity.


Quite a nice overall uptrend here with a spike in the last month. dCity had some great updates recently and this showing.


The BEE chart:


The utility token for the Hive Engine, equivalent of the ENG token on Steem Engine. Its been around just a few months and we can see some initial spikes and then a drop with somewhere around 100 to 200 $ daily volume.


The WEED token and tribe are actually one of the oldest on the platform. It launched even before PAL. Here is the chart.


Not as big volume as for the tokens above, but still some daily volume. A bit more volume when launched and then some low ones and a slight increase in the last period.











Tokens rank by trading volume

If we compare the tokens above for trading volume in the last 31 days things looks like this:


DEC is dominating the chart. Also note that this is only the Hive Engine trading volume for DEC. If we add the Steem Engine it will be more than double that the number above.

From the other tokens we can notice that LEO, SIM and the BEE token have some noticeable volume. The other tokens are all under the 1000$ for 30 days, meaning less 30$ per day traded.

What we can see that the overall trend has been some hype in the volume at start and then drop. Later some of the tokens that have made some development and updates are starting to grow again.
Two game tokens in the top 4 as well. Some other games are also coming in the next period.

All the best

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Now I’ve invested a bunch into dcity and splinterlands. I need to explore a few more games on the chain.

Crypto gaming looks to be the thing :)

check out our upcoming @cryptobrewmaster

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Hey @dkid14, here is a little bit of BEER from @dalz for you. Enjoy it!

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Good info. Can you do this for steem engine?

Nope SteemSQL by arcange is not working for steem anymore .... also personal preference :)

I wonder how @nodex does his stats.


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Maybe the powering down of steem caused the recent spike. Good post. Hive turnover I do monitor regularly myself.

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Thanks for sharing the statistics! This is pretty interesting to go through, and especially seeing how much growth we've seen. DEC is looking pretty ripe to moon, given how many are hyped up about Splinterlands, and I'm sure it'll have a future to be one of those games that'll grow massively into its own franchise.

Personally, I think I'm less into monsters, and more into city-building. I'll be needing to try out dCity sometime soon :-D

dCity is interesting and doesn't requires to much time.
Basically managing assets ... buy/sell

Sounds like something I'd get my teeth sunk into!