It is not healthy to ALWAYS be online

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It is okay to sign off 👨🏻‍💻

There is no denying that pretty much every single person these days spends a significant amount of time on their tech devices. Some are more addicted than others, but the fact is we all have gotten used to our phones and computers. There are ways to make use of these things in a positive manner, but often times we develop some unhealthy habits.

Apple's products have a feature called Screen Time, which tracks how much you are on your phone/computer on an app-by-app basis. Android has something similar where they track your daily device usage. I'm sure Windows offers something capable of the same.

If you are not using any of these tracking options, ask yourself why. Is it because you are embarrassed by how much you scroll on your phone? Did you not know these features existed? Or do you just not care and don't feel the need to set any restrictions?

Sometimes we may not realize how much time passes by while online. You can set your device to remind you if you have been on it for too long and it can even go as far as locking you out of specific apps if you just cannot stop yourself.

Here on Hive, you can think of many excuses as to why it is important to be online. I agree, that getting on daily is hugely beneficial to both you and the community. However, I do not think that means you should be online all day every day. You must find a way to balance living with using your favorite tech.

I have quite a strong opinion about all of this and I am not one bit shy to share all of my thoughts in my video today. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me. I'm curious how much everyone's screen time is. If it is only a few hours daily, I think you are doing well. If it is over 8 hours each day, maybe it is time to reconsider how you are making use of your time.


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There's this feature to limit you from using the app when you've spent a certain amount of time on it. When I enabled it, I found out that I reached the limit way before sunset!

I don't know why we're addicted to this tech devices but it's really messing up the way we should balance our time, it's taking too much of our time and I think this should be a concern for anyone who wants to live a better, fulfilled and healthier life.

My girlfriend used to have this feature turned on. Every time it would alert her that she was over her limit, she would just ignore it. So it didn't work too well on her. Maybe if there was a password that she didn't know and it locked her out until the next day it would be different. That is a bit much though.

I agree with you on this. 8 hours is too long to be online. Some days I'm online that much and I question myself. Time passes much faster than we think when we are on the computer or on the phone. That's why we need to use these features that apple offers. My iPhone 6 warns me constantly :D. I recommend everyone to use this feature.

It has happened to me before too, but I usually spend less than that online for sure. If you count the amount of time I play video games, it may add up to 8 hours daily though. As long as I'm getting outside frequently and socializing with people, I don't feel too bad about my usage.

I also count games because they are part of spending time online. But like you said, going out with people makes it a bit more acceptable. At least that way you're away from the screen.

Being 24/7 online is really bad to our health. I personally have a time for technology detox every day for the sake of my health.

Yeah totally! It feels good to take an extended period of time off from all of this online stuff, it's just not easy to do these days because everything is so tempting for most people.

Yeah that's why we need self-control.


It's not even financially healthy to stay online all day every day. You need to have a real-life connection. I got a cold for the past couple of days and being online almost all day feels exhausting. It's' like too much info bombards my brain.

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The information floodgates never close online. It is a non-stop feed of info. Sometimes it is useful stuff and other times it is totally mindless nonsense. I think it's safe to say that spending plenty of time offline is a great idea.

did someone rat me out?? 😂

I was hearing this song in my head when u said 'change the world'

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me, and the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for you and for me

and I only spend 7 hrs/day online! I also go shopping and play cards with my mom. and stuff like go to the bathroom or eat at the table.. stuff like that.. 😁

Awesome jersey! Obi-wan! (I kinda enjoyed how he forgot how badass he was until the end.


Sounds like you aren't living online only, so you are finding a way to balance your internet usage with the real world.

The ending of Season 1 was pretty good, but it really just made me wish Darth Vader would get his own show. Fingers crossed something like that actually happens.

ooh. yea, that would be so good!

He's such a cool character. He embodies the statement' walk quietly, but carry a big stick! (lightsaber)


I know that something like that exists but I don't bother to use it because I don't spend a lot of time online, after I made a post and engage in some content, then I go offline, to face real-life situations, most of my friends do complain that I don't reply they massage on time, most time I do off the data, when I want to play basketball and when am back, the input will be filled with massages, when i turn on the data which most time I can't reply all at once, but In a day I can be on my phone for 4-6 hours, which I think is pretty fair for what am doing currently.

It's good that you don't live exclusively online. Seems to me like you are living a good life.

I did not know that phones and electronic devices have these functions to track and know how much time we spend on them, #Hive is excellent and it is also beneficial for us to be active as long as we can posting and commenting with friends. In my case, I spend less than 8 hours for work reasons, but if I ask to spend more time, I would gladly do so.

These devices have the ability to track pretty much every single thing that we do. It even remembers where I park my car.

the truth is that they do have so much capacity it is time to read and inform myself well for future actions

What people do not know about been online all the time is it actually affect your health much more than the good it offer to your health

That is a certainty!

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