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RE: My entry to the challenge What will the future of the year 2067 look like? #PredictTheFuture

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This was freaking awesome! I love your thumbnail image creation and that was some excellent writing. Also thank you for doing both English and Spanish!

You and I share many of the same ideas for the potential of the year 2067.

Time: Quantum physics will in my opinion provide time travel capabilities and teleportation. Like you said, that very likely is already happening. That would explain a lot of the odd things occurring in our world right now. Perhaps there has been some sort of distraction between various planes thanks to irresponsible time hopping. Some things just make zero sense these days, perhaps this is why. The tv show Future-Man dives deeper into this theory, in a comedic way.

Technology: Phones have evolved so much just in my lifetime. I’m 28 years old and when I was born we had giant bulky ones with huge antennas. My first phone was a Motorola Razer and texting on that thing sure was the task. I bought the very first iPhone and have had many more of them since. The initial iPhone didn’t even have 3G, there was no App Store, and you couldn’t even send pictures through text message. The camera was terrible too. Now things are so much more advanced. I imagine the hologram idea you have will become a thing. That and AR are for sure going to be more and more popular. I imagine a HUD over everything that we do which will assist in nearly every activity.

Video Games: VR is going places. Add in realistic haptics and a treadmill, then we are cooking with some serious heat. Then take things to the next level with the chip idea you have for living the games. That’s going to be highly addicting to say the least.

Cryptocurrencies: Crypto is currently going through its experimental phase. Once things get ironed out and the use cases all find their own niche, we will be on to the next generation of transactions. Paper money will be long gone and considered as nothing more than a collectible. I’m sure it’ll still hold value, but not in the same way that it does today.

I really appreciate you taking part in the challenge. You made an excellent entry. I will remember this for certain when it comes to selecting a winner next week.

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We share the same ideas brother, thanks to you for creating this tremendous challenge so entertaining, I had a lot of fun participating, have a good day.