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RE: PredictTheFuture Challenge - What will the world be like in 2067?

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I’m so glad you decided to make an entry to the challenge. After reading you comment on mine, I knew you had a lot to talk about.
I think you did a wonderful job letting your ideas out and I appreciate you being willing to state your opinions on the future.

Quantum teleportation, incubator babies, and nano bots were my favorite topics that you mentioned.

We are definitely in for some major changes when it comes to the year 2067. I look forward to being around to see what it is like.

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I was very excited to participate, I summarized many things, otherwise the reader would take hours to read and get tired, so I tried to make it entertaining and keep the reader glued to my letters.

I was also worried about the expiration time of the contest, I promise that the next one will be much better.

I'm glad you like it, a hug for you, thanks for reading.

You did amazing and got it done before the challenge was over. Great work!

Thank you, once again