#PredictTheFuture - What will the year 2067 be like?

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The world in 46 years

I have had the opportunity to read 14 awesome entries to the #PredictTheFuture so far. There is still one day left until the challenge is over. This is your last chance to be eligible to be chosen to receive the 30 HIVE reward as my personal favorite entry to the challenge. Also feel free to write about what you think the year 2067 will be like even after the challenge is finalized.

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My thoughts on the future

It is time that I participate in my own #PredictTheFuture Challenge.

I will be 75 years old in 2067. That’s nearly 50 years from today, but really it is not that far off when you think about the human existence on an expanded timeline. I see so many things taking place within the next 46 years.

The world will be unrecognizable in a lot of ways, yet vaguely familiar in many others. Overall I have a pretty positive outlook for how our future will turn out to be. I don’t see perfection being a common thing, but so many of our old problems will vanish. With the countless advancements by the human race, there will also be new problems that arise. Some of these things (both positive and negative) are not even possible to fathom at this point.

I have chosen to zero in on the future of weapons, fashion, transportation, video games, money, robotics, music, extraterrestrials, climate, nutrition, architecture, technology, body modification, and nature.

These are some of the subjects that I find most interesting and I believe all of them will see massive changes compared to their current state.

I’m super excited to present to you my entry to the #PredictTheFutureChallenge.



Let’s get this started guns blazing. Be prepared to see guns and other weapons transform in a big way. Human beings seem to be obsessed with both destruction and protection, so it makes sense that they will push things even further in those areas.

3D-Printed weapons are already a thing, but many are not familiar with that now. In the future it will be much more common for someone to be able to print their own weapons from home. 9/10 people will always be carrying some type of weapon for their own safety. Only top tier criminals will be committing crimes against other people, but crime all together will not be gone.

Smart weapons and auto aim will enable the average person to have supreme accuracy. Typical ammunition we hear fired off today may still be used, but there will be other options. Direct energy weapons will become the biggest threat. This force will be one of the ways that all out war will become a thing of the past, since it would lead to everyone’s ultimate destruction quite quickly.

I don’t foresee a ban on guns. I also don’t expect there to be total peace in 2067, human beings have always been the feudal type. It will be a new era of weaponry just as we have evolved many times before.



What people wear is going to get even more creative than it already is today. More people will be trying their best to stand out more than ever. I’m sure the different genders will be blurred even more by 2067. This means that by this time it will be totally normal to see girls wearing guy’s clothes men wearing women’s.

Maybe public nudity will make a comeback, especially if there is some way to blur out sexual parts of the body with some sort of augmented reality.

I find it unlikely that there is a strict rule on what people wear, no universal uniform or anything like that. Individuality will be welcomed with open arms. It won’t be acceptable to single someone out for the way they dress either.



This will be extremely interesting to see where things go. We are seeing a push towards electric vehicles now. By 2067 the size of a cars battery won’t be an issue any longer, thousands of miles of range will be the standard. It’ll be more common to have vehicles that can traverse all landscapes, including water and at very high speeds as well.

I think there will still be a niche for gas powered automobiles. Some will prefer the old school feel of a mechanical machine. Manual transmission will be extremely rare by this time. Perhaps you won’t even be allowed to drive gas guzzlers unless it’s on a race track.

I see safety in cars reaching a very high level. There will be a ton of automated driving and once that system is perfected it will decrease accidents by a very large amount.

Anti-gravity should most likely be unveiled to the public by 2067. This would also allow there to be busy air travel along with the streets. If this is the case and it becomes affordable for the average person, then leaving Earth may even become common. There is still the possibility that remains too costly and it is only an option for the wealthy or during vacations.

I also don’t want to leave out underground transportation. I believe there will be hyperspeed tunnels that connect you to any part of the world at a rapid rate. It may be common for someone to commute from North America to Asia daily.

The least likely, but still possible form of transportation is teleportation. On the off chance that the Earth’s grid system is figured out and we are able to sync up specific energetic locations, then maybe you won’t need a vehicle at all.


Video Games

Everyone thinks of Ready Player One when it comes to the future of gaming (the book is even cooler than the movie). I see things headed that direction for sure, although I don’t think people will exit normal reality all together for gaming.

VR will become the most common form of gaming, regular gaming on a tv will be considered retro by 2067. Living the games will be what’s in. It could be through a headset, or by some sort of implant that understands how to trick our senses into believing something is real while it’s just a game.

Gamers will be one of the highest paid careers in the world. It will be the new form of sports, since everything will become limitless. Regular sports will seem boring by this time. Athletes will switch over to gaming and even require high level training to be elite level. Casual gamers will still have a place, but most people will be trying to figure out how to profit off of playing video games.



Digital currencies will be the way to transfer funds in 2067. Some people will still manage to get into debt, but many of those who were once part of a penniless family will have learned a valuable lesson during the beginnings of the cryptocurrency age, which is happening now.

I imagine Bitcoin still being what all other cryptos are valued against, no more USD or other fiat currencies. There will still be a wide variety of different tokens with their own level of value, but by this time it won’t be confusing anymore. Values will be updated instantly for everyone and conversions will be automatic with hopefully no added fees involved.

Every business will be connected to one financial net that all people on earth are wired to. This will make confirming transactions instant and there will be no need to wait for approval for large transactions. It’ll simply be, if you have enough you can spend it.

I really want to say that taxes will be gone by this time, I feel like they have to be. Loans however will always exist since we constantly want what we do not have and often cannot afford. There will still be ways to borrow money when you need it, but most likely from people you know rather than a large bank. It will be impossible to run away from paying it back too, so hopefully you’re one of the ones with plenty of income. Otherwise it’ll be worse than just having a bad credit score, more like having a bad reputation level in the real world. Nobody will want to be connected to someone who fails to pay back what they borrowed.



Everyone is going to have a lot more free time by 2067. There will be advanced robotics with their own consciousness by 2067. I don’t think they will be treated like humans by 2067, but they will be well on their way until then.

We will still be at the beginnings of having useful robots in our society. They will serve as slaves almost, having no choice when it comes to what jobs they are forced to work. Manufacturing, restaurant, cleaning services, police force, and much more very well could be mostly robots.

This leaves a lot of people jobless you would think, but there will be new ways of making money for those who no longer work a job. I already mentioned profiting off of gaming, but there will be more such as social media that pays just for contributing. Much like Hive is already doing.



Music will always be a part of life on Earth. Electronic music and its many sub genres will continue to evolve and become what most people crave. There may be new capabilities introduced that allow you to feel specific emotions just by hearing the unique sounds produced.

Instruments will still be around, but it’ll be like comparing a horse and buggy to cars of today. Very uncommon, but it will still work for those that insist.

Musicians will be considered celebrities like they are now, but fans will go even crazier for them than they already do. Artists will set new boundaries and most likely forgo being locked into contracts. This means they will be able to do whatever they want and we all know how crazy people can be when there are no rules.



This is one of the topics that I’m most unsure about. I feel like ETs are not like what we’ve been shown in some fantasy movies. I do believe that life outside of Earth is a thing, however it may he more similar to us than we think. Most likely they look more like a human than anything else. We may be told that they have already been living with us for a long time, just causally blending in and observing our ways unable to interact due to the divine law of intervention.

Once we reach a certain level of technological success, the ETs will finally be able to make their presence known. By that time we won’t be as shocked by it and will simply integrate since it will be beneficial to everyone involved. This will enable our planet to coexist with other civilizations outside of Earth.



Although the Earth is constantly undergoing changes, it always seems to remain alive. There will still be natural disasters in the future, perhaps some invincible cities will finally receive damage and understand that there is no stopping Mother Nature.

Some coastal cities will be washed away by 2067 which means the ocean could become closer to many places that are currently further from the beach. Hopefully this isn’t a sudden instance and people will have time to gather their things and live elsewhere.

Weather prediction will be more accurate by this time. Weather control may even become more of a thing, but too much of it could lead to things getting out of control.

It would be amazing if we could harness the power of lightening to help assist in maintaining our own power grid.



This one will probably be controversial. There is a huge war going on between two extremes right now. We have vegans vs raw meat eaters. Two opposite sides of the spectrum. We also have many different diet types in between.

My hope is that a nutritional supplement that gives human beings everything they they need to stay in perfect health will be created. Imagine taking one pill a day and never having to worry about nutrition until the following morning when you take that same pill once more. No negative side effects either.

Food could become nothing more than a luxury rather than a necessity. People would only indulge in tasting food to enjoy the flavor, most of which would be totally artificial. Even meat will become lab grown in the future. Once there is proof that the nutritional value of the genetically modified organisms better suite the human anatomy, there is no sense in arguing about diet after that.

Water will surely still be essential to human beings. I don’t see us running out of that either. All it will take is proper mass distillation/remineralization of the water. Then there will be an endless amount of perfected water for civilization.

I visualize cities having mammoth cauldrons that work as a distillery which will purify the water to its original form. Then perhaps add the contents of that same perfect pill I mentioned before into the distilled water. Next thing you know all you have to do is drink that throughout the day and you need nothing else to be healthy.

Offer drone delivery of that life water to everyone’s home that way everyone is guaranteed to have what they need. It’s pretty simple stuff, once it’s all setup and ready to go.



Buildings of the future are headed skyward. Cities are going to be running out of space, many already are. Some will be abandoned altogether to start fresh else where. Others may be able to be modified. The thing is, we didn’t setup our current cities to account for the massive influx of the human population.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. So much is inside of one building and I think it’s an architectural marvel. Builders will be inspired to outdo this structure. This will encourage many to think outside of the box and expand on what we thought was possible.

A mega-structure makes a lot more since than many smaller buildings. Especially in the future. Consider an entire city inside of one building rather than stretched out for miles. With the addition of high speed elevators, this will make for a much more convenient setup.



We are locked in on accepting technology into our lives, there is no turning back at this point. Everyone is becoming more reliant on tech by the day. It’s only a matter of time before we accept having the latest advancements inside of our own bodies.

Eyeballs that have night vision and can zoom/capture photos. Cyber body parts that have strength to lift entire trucks with ease. Lungs that allow you to breathe underwater. The possibilities are limitless and once some people have success, many others will join in. Next thing you know you’ll be left out if you don’t have some type of cyberware. Much like the smartphone craze in recent years.

Language barriers will be a thing of the past, instant translation will be available to everyone which will unite the world and dismiss all of the confusion.

Your digital currencies will be stored in an unhackable chip in your body rather than on a piece of paper tucked away in a secret spot waiting to be stolen or lost. It will require nothing more than a wave of wave hand to confirm a transaction.

AR will be all over the place. Hopefully ads are something you will be able to pay to skip. I dread the idea of walking down the street and having digital ads flash across my upgraded vision unwillingly.

Nearly everything can be made more productive with advancements in tech. People are obsessed with being innovative, we are going to have things that we can’t even imagine now. The list could go on and on, but I’ve already mentioned a lot in this writing about some technologies that will change the world by 2067.


Body Modification

I think this will remain a lot like it is now, with a few slight tweaks. Piercings and tattoos will no longer be painful. It will be as simple as turning off your pain receptors to ignore what is happening.

At first robots will be the best option for both piercings and tattoos. A robot will be able to do perfect piercings without failure. They also will trump any tattoo artist when it comes to precision. That is of course unless you have a a pierced/tattoo artist that has cyberware which enables them to be just as good as a robot.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this type of thing goes. There could be new ways to customize yourself that I can’t even imagine now. Cyberware for sure will be a new way of expressing yourself. Ever wanted blue skin color? Go for it!



I do not think we will ruin this planet and cause all plant life to cease to exist. Some parts of the world that we consider paradise now may not be quite as desirable, but a new location elsewhere will rise in its place. Earth is full of energy and I think it will take many thousands of years for us to break the cycle, if ever.

Animals are going to be used for food far less. This means populations will be replenished, but also need to be maintained. National parks will be very strict and allow these animals to have a truly natural life once again.

Pets will become more diverse. Consider mounts from video games, you are able to choose whatever you’d like. We may even be able to chip the animals so that we can communicate with them. This could make domesticating even something as deadly as a deadly Jaguar possible.

People may fall in love with the virtual world, but there will still be an internal need for true nature. We will be able to smell a flower in VR and it will feel totally real, even to our senses. The only thing is that our minds will know it wasn’t the real thing and still crave what is really out in the world waiting for us.

2067 will be different for sure

As mentioned before, I will be 75 years old during this far off future that I wrote about today. I do not think that the future version of 75 will be the same as today’s 75. I have a strong feeling that we will have numerous options to extend our life. It may not be something that is offered to everyone due to lack of wealth, but with the proper funding there will be ways to extend longevity. Not just enabling us to live longer, but to feel young even at what we consider to be an old age today. The average life expectancy may or may not rise, but I strongly believe it will be much more common to see select individuals living well past 100 years old. Not only will they be that old, but they will be able to live as though they were still young adults. Having full mobility, no aches and pains, a strong mind, and more.

I think our future will be better and not worse.

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝

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Wow! Blowing most entries out of the water here. Reading this I almost regret limiting myself to only three topics and 1300 words. Should just have kept it going.

Some really interesting foresights. I for sure wouldn’t mind your future to be a real one. Even if it’s not perfect it’s better than a lot of the alternatives.

Great post Daltono! You keep on inspiring me every day. Never stop!

I just couldn't stop writing, this topic is so fascinating to me.
There are no limits so far unless you yourself set them 😉

Maybe this blog will help manifest this stuff into our future reality.

I’m glad we can draw inspiration from one another my dude 🤝

Wonderful publication!!! I read it with great pleasure from beginning to end, it really is a futuristic and optimistic vision.

I didn't know you could 3D print weapons 😯.

I loved the aspects you developed. I also believe that aliens coexist with us now and in the not too distant future we will be more aware of it and able to bond with them with an open mind.
I imagined that future as if I was watching a movie, hahahaha. Even how I would look like in 67 years with the new fashion, what I don't think is that I want to have blue skin 😅, but who knows.... A lot can change between now and then.

Really enjoy reading your post, have a splendid day 🤗.

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed reading all of my writing. It was a long one, but I tried to keep it interesting the entire time. 3D printers are insane. That's something that even I have yet to dive into, but I know there are already a lot of things you can print such as guns.

The whole alien thing is hard for us to fully understand. I just know we cannot be the only thing that exists in this entire universe. The chances are far too slim.

It was super interesting to read until the end. Then I researched on Google some news of that 3D technology and found that they are even doing research on organs 😯. Really amazing!!!

Yes, I think that theory that they made us believe that we were the only living system in the whole planet doesn't make much sense anymore, even if it still generates fear to touch the topic 🙈

Very interesting information out there for sure.

We will see if we are ever ready as a society for official“contact”

What a great post brother! it is the longest and most entertaining post I have ever read, I regret having summarized so much my post about the challenge, I honestly thought the following.

If I create a post about the challenge so long? it would be boring for sure!

I regret not making it a little longer but I still had a lot of fun with your challenge, I really enjoyed your post.

When we talk about weapons in the future, I don't know why the iron man comes to my mind, could you imagine a suit that could guarantee you a protection to resist a nuclear bomb?

Imagine that you could also think of some kind of armament and create your own weapon using the power of the mind?

When we talk about video games and I consider that playing is a sport and also a new culture, I have a feeling that in 2067 we can be in a video game world where we can have legendary battles with fantastic views existing on our planet, and that we live it as part of our lives, eat, breed, fight, conquer nations, guilds, among many more.

The aliens possibly in the future we can share our technology with theirs to further develop our intellectual capabilities and improve both the human race and the aliens, in this world we are not alone and that I'm sure.

No regrets bro, your post was awesome too.
I'm glad you were able to finish this one, despite the great length.

Iron man suits would be freaking sweet!

The video games are going to be even more addicting than they already are. I can’t wait!

Sharing ideas and culture with other worlds could allow us to accelerate technologically at a faster rate than we have ever witnessed.

A fascinating post without a doubt! I have reblogqed it to keep it among my favorites, I think there are some things in it that I should find out..Starting with the video game.

You are right when you say that we will promote what interests us the most, and that is why human beings are obsessed with weapons, perhaps it is a way to maintain control, something that everyone loves ¨be the owners of power and control¨ Weapons have had and will continue to be so popular and therefore we must be prepared to see weapons transform in a big way, I really hadn't thought about it.

I loved the difference between standing out in fashion and public nudity, two ways of human beings in their quest to externally demonstrate that they are superior.

I liked the idea of accessible congested air travel, but travel through tunnels from one continent to another is definitely more fascinating.

Virtual reality, a topic that I must address to be up to date. You mention it so emphatically that I think I'm missing something extremely interesting.

The idea that we must reach a certain technological level in order to open the doors to the arrival of life from another planet to earth and to be able to coexist sounds fascinating, because then we are so many years away from it.

It was extremely interesting to read to you, some things seem to be guided towards a future reality ... I'll keep thinking about the blue skin! Is it something that is already thought?

The only thing that I definitely don't like about your futuristic vision is taking a single pill as a dietary supplement…It would certainly be a very good option, but for me I don't think so…Because I love to cook, it's a time to show love through what I know.Cooks with dedication and care for others!

Greetings @daltono! It was very pleasant to read your publication!

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I am satisfied to know that you thought my writing was a pleasant experience. I put a lot of effort into this one and had so much fun creating this post.
So many of the topics I mentioned are things that are going to evolve in a big way.

With the diet pill I was just hoping to see a way to make sure every human being is satiated and in good health. Food will always be yummy and cooking is an art form in itself so that shouldn’t die out either.

As your publication is read, it can be seen that you enjoyed writing it, in addition to the fact that each idea you present looks like a meteorite, which immediately impacts our thinking and generates a thousand more thoughts about the future.
Ah! Now I understand about the pill! Yes! in that case,it would be a solution to ensure everyone's good health

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Oh I missed this challenge. I would have liked to participate, well, I'll keep an eye out for the next challenges you do. I had a hard week doing other things. I'm going to read the participants' posts. I see a future very similar to the one shown in the Black Mirror series. I'm a pessimist! hahaha Cheers and success!

Most of those Black Mirror episodes were pretty damn awesome!
Some of those worlds wouldn’t be too terrible to live in. Many of them would be an absolute nightmare though. I do wish that they would come out with more seasons of that show. One of my favorites ever. That and Altered Carbon.