"The Pieces are in Place"

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       One of the more popular cliches in sports is the phrase "the pieces are in place". In my hometown, it actually became almost a mantra when Brett Favre uttered it upon joining our local football team. Up until that point, we had a very good defense and an offense which was an elite quarterback away from being extremely good as well. When Favre filled that void, he correctly stated "the pieces are in place" to make a run at the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, some sloppy play and some absolutely horrific officiating cut that run short a game early but, the pieces were, in fact, in place and the team excelled.


       That's what's happening here at Hive and LeoFinance. The pieces are being put into place (literally as I write this) for this platform to truly make a run at high-level success. With an underlying blockchain upon which you can trade with virtually no fees, to a community driven ecosystem where everything and everyone can basically support each other, to an incentive structure that allows veterans and newbies alike to contribute and earn real currency with or without putting much of their own money at risk, the foundation has been laid for a while now.

       With the advent of "tribes" and the attraction of new developers coming into a virtual sandbox in which they can play and create, more of the pieces are coming together. These have started to flesh out and highlight the capabilities and potential of this platform. From photos, to fitness, to food, to finance; from sports, to spirits, to speaking, to sprouts; if you can imagine it, it's either already here or you can create it yourself.

       And now we're about to go global. With the introduction of LeoFi, Hive and LeoFinance will enter the fastest growing financial sector of the fastest growing financial disruptor on the planet: decentralized finance. Defi. With literally hundreds of billions of dollars being pooled in Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, and a dozen others, LeoFi will give users a portal into low fee, trustless transactions on multiple blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This is no longer little Hive, hardfork of Steem. This is LeoFinance, a platform where the sky is the limit for creators, developers, influencers, and just plain curators alike.


       As if that weren't enough, #ProjectBlank is following closely behind. Another tool that can be used to go "mainstream". If you don't know what that is about by now, you haven't been paying much attention. Suffice it to say, it is a microblogging platform where you can get paid for your own "tweets".

       As the cryptoverse evolves and gains more and more notoriety among the mainstream press, the ordinary citizens of the world will start looking into what's causing all the commotion. Of course they'll start with Bitcoin. But it won't take long until they start delving down and looking for ways they can participate without spending $5000 for a tiny fraction of a coin. That is when they'll start to see the potential of what's going on with cryptocurrencies. And when they get to Hive and Leofinance, guess what they'll see:

The pieces are in place.

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What a time to be alive!

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It really is. I can't decide if I think it will be better in 30 years, or worse. Regardless, there's going to be a lot of trauma and drama to go through between now and then.

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The pieces are definitely in place for a change of perspective. People are just use to being paid from jobs and do not consider getting paid for their usage of a platform. I personally liked the idea of DBuzz where you were paid to tweet but it never became mainstream and I was hoping for at least some collaboration with the new Project Blank.

However I am still excited because I prefer short-form writing over long-form and it's even better if people will be paid for their efforts. I want people to shift from just giving away their usage for free and be compensated for doing so.

I have never been on twitter so I'm not sure how I'll feel about projectblank as a tool. At least for me. I'm excited about it as another avenue to bridge mainstream social media and because I know how widely used it is as a tool for most of the world. I think it brings a lot of attention and excitement to this space and adds another tool for people who are searching for alternatives to the censored and controlled social media sites. I heard today on the way home that the Biden administration is shutting down border patrol agents twitter accounts because they don't want what's happening down there flooding social media. Another reason to leave Twitter for a "better" alternative.

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I don't use Twitter that much. I did put some notifications on people my alerts don't follow. I haven't sent out a single tweet and I only use it to get notifications. I like DBuzz a little bit more as short-form content is alot easier to do. However, I do want to see how things work out in the new Project Blank. After all, you get nothing for posting on Twitter.

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Definitely some exciting times! I am shocked at how many people I have met on here that are from Minnesota. I feel like your state must have a lock on most number of Hivians in the US!

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What else are we gonna do all winter? lol We can sit in an icehouse on the lake, blog, and pull up the occasional fish between beers.

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LOL watch football and hockey.

The T-Wolves arent worth watching.

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Agreed. And basketball is my sport! Just sucks. Flip dying really sucked out what little life the franchise was trying to build. Oh well. Like you say, hockey is it right now. Wild are playing well and Gophers are one of the top in the country. That could be interesting at least.

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I occupy my time posting and comment on Hive.

To me that is the sport of champions.

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Yeah, I've been doing a lot of that myself. It's certainly much more meaningful than mindlessly watching a sporting event for a couple hours. And definitely more rewarding, both intellectually and financially. :-)

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I totally hear you on that one! In the summer I usually post about grilling and camping. Leo has been my savior in these winter months! I am a bit sad I didn't make it out on the ice this year.

We are seeing things start to align. It is wonderful to see. This is really going to change things around here for both Hive and Leo.

To start, even the witness attempt at pegging the HBD is a big step. This will help if we can get a stable coin going.

But the development is sensational. It is wonderful to see what is happening. Leo is setting the pace but not the only one. We are going to see more activity from other tribes I believe. They are starting to get excited themselves.

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What would be really nice is if we could get Leo far enough out into the cryptoverse to attract some attention and move the price. Not just because I'd like it to be worth more, but that would also make it much easier to help fund some of these other projects. I want to hold LEO long-term, but it would be nice if selling off 50 Leo could get nice stakes in other up-and-coming projects. Then the whole Hive ecosystem could virtually become self-sustaining with organic growth from within, incubating new projects before releasing them out into the world.

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This is LeoFinance, a platform where the sky is the limit for creators, developers, influencers, and just plain curators alike.

at the moment I am stick to the creator while building up my holding. or maybe one day I can be an influencer for the people around me, to come and try hive

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That's the way to start. I would also encourage you to comment and vote on people every day as well. That's the best way I know to get ideas for what you want to write about. It's also good practice for when you write you own posts.

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thanks so much for the tips and advice, I am doing my best to spend my time here, commenting and learning. Still long way to go though. : )

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