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RE: People Still Do Not See How Cryptocurrency Is The Answer

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Another great post! You always make the reader think. I totally agree with the fact that we can't even imagine today some of the places this new technology will take us. With the increasing power of technology, the leaps that can be made utilizing it become that much greater. It used to take an entire room to hold a computer solving math equations. But, by using that computer to solve those equations, creative minds were able to come up with better technology to both improve the computer itself, and also to apply it to more use-cases. And then those, in turn, helped create even more and on and on. We're at the point now where the technology is really only limited by our ability to ask the right questions. As soon as we figure out the question, it is not a very long leap to finding the solution. Amazing times that's for sure.

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How far away are we from having out technology create new technology?

We already have 3D printers printing out replacement parts for 3D printers. We are probably near the point where software is going to start writing more software on a regular basis.

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