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RE: Vote diversification - LeoFinance curators are upvoting how many authors on an average? ( Python codes )

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Another great use of your analytical mind! lol This stuff is so interesting. I'm glad you like putting it out. I'd like to see my number if you get a chance please. Thank you!

By the way, what did you mean by "dust system"? Is there something I should know about that?

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Dust system is only applicable to Hive and not for tribes , it means that any post or comment which has less than 0.02$ rewards will be turned to dust that means you won't get that payout. So if my upvote is worth 0.01$ I usually vote post and not comments because of the fear that I will lose my curation rewards if others won't upvote the comment and push it above 0.02$.

Your data -

From 25th Feb to 4th March ( till 5 AM UTC ) -
2.26 is the total curation reward earned by @dagger212,
You have got curation rewards by upvoting to 108 different posts/comments, 73 unique authors .

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Thank you! So these numbers are just voting. Not actual comments, correct? I rarely vote on something I don't comment on. But I would get more curation reward if I did. Is that what this is telling me?

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Yes you got it right . You have considerably large LP and could earn more curation rewards but you aren't upvoting to your full potential is what the data says.

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