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What an amazing time we're in! The world is changing faster than we can even imagine. With 3D printing, space travel, blockchain, decentralized finance, self driving vehicles, drone delivery, etc, etc, it's almost impossible to stay current with what's happening around us. It truly is the dawning of a new era and cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, while not the only reason, have certainly been a major catalyst for this exponential explosion of innovation.

As I mentioned in a prior post, capital is continually seeking out places it will actually be "valued" and crypto is leading the charge. So much so, that I know my head has been spinning at times trying to make sure I'm taking advantage of it to the fullest extent I am able. Which, of course, leads to stress. I've been pulling out my hair trying to figure out what to put where and how to get things from point A to point B.

Hive and LeoFinance have certainly helped me figure things out, but at the same time, they're part of the reason for the stress. They keep innovating. I have to constantly (daily it seems) reevaluate what I'm doing to make sure I've got the best possible chance of reaping the rewards of the things being built. It's actually pretty crazy.


That said, what is the point of doing all of this if it's just going to make your life a mess? We have the good fortune of being a part of a community with very knowledgeable people willing to share their insights into what's going on around us. We can correspond, ask questions, make comments or just soak it all in and learn and WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY A PENNY. In fact, we can actually MAKE money doing it. Seriously, how great is that?! We get to learn and be at the forefront of what is really turning into a technological revolution and we've got one of the best seats in the house.

So, as I have to tell myself at times: Look around you and enjoy the journey. Things like this happen once in a lifetime, if you're lucky! With Bitcoin, we happen to be witnessing the first meaningful technological breakthrough in money in the last 5000 years. Take a step back now and then to appreciate what's going on around us and enjoy it. You don't ride a rollercoaster just to get off. You ride it to enjoy the ups and downs and twists and turns. A little fear, a little exhilaration, you know...the journey.

Thanks for reading. As always, questions and comments are welcome.

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There nothing we can do to get a hold of every development made in the recent years. There so much has going on. Just enjoy the changes taht has been made. At least we are already a part of those revolution just by being into crypto and being active on hive.

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Totally agree. Sometimes you just have to sit back and realize what we DO have going for us rather than worry about what we MIGHT be missing out on. We're all in a great place by being here on Hive, especially now. It's still very early and there will be thousands (hopefully millions) of people who come after us who only wish they could have been here now. Thanks for the reply.

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