Build Your Hive Bags First....

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If you are anything close to a regular visitor of the Hive ecosphere then you are surely aware of how much is taking place on the Hivechain these days.

CubDefi logo 20210714 180233.gif

CUB continues to develop into what could be a premier defi platform. IDOs are coming #soon and more partnerships continue to be developed.

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LEO continues to develop as the fundamental underlying token behind financial blogging with use-cases continuing to be added (LeoBridge, LeoFi). Not to mention the apps that will eventually go on top of it like ProjectBlank.

Splinterlands logo.gif

Splinterlands just exploded on the scene with new users climbing by the thousands per day. There also happens to be a 365 day airdrop going on for the SPS token. DEC, the monetary token for the game is supposed to be a "pegged" token and is trading for seven times what it should be pegged at. Cards can now cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and a $10 plot of land is going for over $400.

3Speaklogo 194652.gif

Then there's 3Spk and it's video work. I won't pretend I completely understand the entirety of the significance that will bring to the table, but people I trust tell me it could be big. Plus, it will end up locking up HIVE once it's implemented, drying up some supply and putting upward pressure on the price.


  • Podping is a Hive app that solves a major problem in the world of podcasting that @brianoflondon has developed.

  • There are more games coming down the pike (Exode, Rising Star, Rabona, and @themarkymark's new game on #STEM), and, oh yeah...

  • @Blocktrades is close to bringing Hive Application Framework (HAF) out to the world which will allow most developers to build applications on the Hive blockchain very simply, using code they are already very familiar with, opening up what could literally be dozens of new projects coming to the HIVE ecosphere over the months ahead.

And this is all stuff I've just read about in the last week. There's even more I'm not mentioning.


So, with all of these things happening, I find myself wondering where to put my money first, and how much to put there.

Where to Start?

My answer to that is very simple: get your bags of HIVE first. There are a few reasons I think this way but I'll highlight three of them.

  1. HIVE is underneath everything going on. All of these things I just talked about run on the Hive blockchain. Just as Ethereum is the underlying blockchain for all the ERC20's (LINK, UNI, etc), any success on any of these ancillary projects will ultimately reflect on Hive. Use Splinterlands as an example. They are adding literally hundreds of new users a day right now. Hive is the blockchain it runs on. While these new users don't necessarily have to see HIVE, if they stick around, eventually they will, and a whole new world will open for them.

  2. The problems the big chains are having, namely scalability and high fees, have been addressed on HIVE. When is the last time you paid a fee for a transaction on HIVE? I saw a transaction fee on ETH the other day over $500! To MOVE a token!!! Not to swap something. To move it! Insane. Hive has resource credits as it's potential bottleneck. The more HivePower you have, the more resource credits you have access to. Again, this is not my area of expertise, but ask @edicted and he can go for an hour on why you should be paying attention to them. The bigger Hive becomes, the more important they'll be. If and when Hive blows up, you'll want them.

  3. Finally, and possibly the one most people care about, price. Love him or hate him, Richard Heart has what he has coined as Heart's Law. It simply states that the reason everything in the crypto markets go up and down when Bitcoin goes up and down is because almost everything is tied to Bitcoin through their liquidity pairs. Almost all cryptocurrencies are traded against Bitcoin, so when Bitcoin goes up, it drags the prices of everything else with it. When it goes down, it does the same. Unlike fiat currencies which don't tend to move a whole lot from one day to the next, Bitcoin can move large percentages in a few hours.

Think about it this way, in the CUB liquidity pools, if BNB goes up the pool will "sell" a little BNB and "buy" a little CUB to put the two sides in balance again. This happens on a massive scale with Bitcoin. As supply is limited on Bitcoin, the price can make dramatic moves. When this happens, everything connected to it goes with it. Up or down. Doesn't matter.

Why the Price of Hive Matters.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because HIVE is the underlying token of basically everything in the Hive ecosphere. When the value of swap.hive goes up, everything in the Hive Engine goes with it. Some more than others, but basically it drags everything in whichever direction its going. If and when HIVE really starts hitting the mainstream, it will drag the price of almost every single token in the communities built on top of it with it. Some probably won't move much and some will eventually "correct" back to where they probably should be, but by and large, a $1 or $2 Hive token will mean that most of these other tokens rise as well.

And it actually makes sense. If I could buy 4 LEO or 8 STEM (or whatever your favorite coin is) for just 1 HIVE, I'd probably take advantage of that and sell a little to get some "cheap" tokens of other tribes. This would, of course, "drag" the price of those tokens higher as the demand would increase.

Lots of Potential

This is obviously just my opinion, but I believe getting your HIVE bags "filled" first is the smart way to go about investing in this ecosphere. Gather the other ones as you see fit but I would highly recommend you don't skimp on getting the native token of the blockchain we're here to use. It is easily one of the five best blockchains in existence right now, probably top three, and continues to improve at a rapid pace. And it's under 50 cents!!!! I commented on @taskmaster4450's post from earlier about how people scream for 10x's, 100x's, 1000x's......well, we very well could be sitting on one right here under our noses.

Of course none of this is financial advice. These are my opinions and some of the reasons behind why I have those opinions. It's crypto and it's still very, very early in the game. Anything can happen. But if you're wondering which bag needs filling, I'd make sure my HIVE bags are filled first.

Do your own research! Thanks for reading....

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Like your idea.
I am everywhere in this blockchain.
Hive is leading the pack.
Great community to be around.

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Completely agree. I love a few of the different communities but I've always had HIVE first when it comes to accumulating for the future. So diverse and international. It really is a great group to be a part of.

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Well I am slowly building my bags on chain. Each month, I try to add a little bit to every single thing I can.

Since I moved into the DEC pool on Cub Finance, part of my SPS airdrop is now on Binance so I am wondering if it goes to my BSC wallet or does it go to the Splinterlands wallet.

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should have received your airdrop right? I think it's the second claim button next to the in-game one..

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Yea I haven't claimed it just yet though. I am waiting for the value to be big enough before converting it into BUSD. For now, I am thinking I might use the BUSD if I plan on moving more DEC over or to buy back SPS at a lower price.

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Ahh I think you're talking the cub here? Was referring too the sps claim from the bsc. That is right next to the regular one.

Just noticed: when I added a bunch more dec-bsd to the farm my cub were claimed too.. do you know if it auto claims every once in a while or at certain values or when you add more liquidity as it seems that was what triggered it.

Could save on costs to add more liquidity instead of only claiming.. if that is the case

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Every time you interact with your balance it automatically claims whatever has built up.

Thought that's what happened, thanks for confirming!

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It's in your BSC wallet which you connect to your Splinterlands account in the game. Once it's connected you'll see your airdrop show up on the same screen as it shows up for everything else. Just a different wallet. Easy to claim.

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Or buy Utopis cause it's kind of the same thing..

More Hive every week! :-)

But yeah agree, it's the cornerstone of everything here

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I actually have a nice bag of UTOPIS. I totally agree, it's a very good one to own. As for Hive, not only is it the cornerstone of everything here, I think it has a very real chance to become a cornerstone of the entire cryptosphere. The blockchain itself is so solid compared to the rest of them out there, and with HAF coming out, the ability to build and scale for other devs is going to be so much more attractive than it is virtually anywhere's only a matter of time until it all explodes IMO.

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Hive will help us build our million-dollar business

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Hive IS the million-dollar business. :-) Hive, Leo, Cub, STEM, SPS, ProjectBlank, HAF, 3Spk....they will all join to get us there if we can just stack and HODL.

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That is what he means. We are each our own million dollar business on Hive. This means that if we keep working on our "brand", we can keep growing it.

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what is HAF?

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What is your million dollar buisness idea, I might set up one of its branch in my country😂

You are your own million dollar business.

Simply look at your account and keep your "brand" growing.

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Aye captain

Is their any place where I can get a description of what a particular hive token do?

What do you mean what Hive tokens do?

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The tokens which are listed on hive-engine. Archon, spt as such things I broadly understand a few but didn't understand much about most. I tried using the search feature but didn't landed anywhere. I thought you are an old user you can point me in any direction.

The first thing I would do is go to LeoDex (click on Leo Apps in the upper right corner of the page). Once there, click on "Tokens" along the top. This will list all the tokens available on the H-E markets. Find one you're interested with and then click on the little "i" button to the right of it. This will open up a screen that will give you a short description of the coin/token. In many cases, it will also give you a website/link to the front-end that uses that token.

Like I said, that should be a good place to start digging. From there you may be able to find discord channels where you can go learn and ask questions of people who obviously are familiar with the coin and probably like it since they're in its Discord channel.

Best I can give you right now....

Is it necessary to join discord groups, I thought there might be easier way to find them on hive itself.

That's true,i did research concerning Hive coin,is better we gather it now,do buy and keep for future use,and make More gain than buying it in future where you will make less gain because the price is moderate now.

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You are correct. Now is the time to be accumulating Hive. You can get a lot more when it's 46 cents than you can when it's $1.00. Commenting and voting (like you are doing here) will allow you to build your bags if you do it consistently. And it's much easier to do that when the price is cheap.

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Prepare your engines, this is about to take off.

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Totally agree. It really feels like the whole HIVE ecosystem is really starting to build some serious financial energy below the surface. CUB, LEO, SPS, HIVE, and a few more all seem to be building momentum and it really only is a matter of time before it explodes on the scene. It's coming....

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Hive has settled nicely into its base level of progress. Now we are seeing some of the apps reach maturity and bring in more users and activity. In 5 years hive will be worth a whole lot more than now so it's a great idea to stack hard.

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Looking out 5 years we may not even recognize this place. We'll be some of the lucky few who will be able to say "I got in when this was just a blogging site." Should be fun.

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True! Hive is the foundation of all this stuff. And the platform is constantly improving. I still like to build my hive engine but Hive power is definitely my main focus. When I hit my HP goals I’ll definitely go in on more of the hive engine nfts and things.

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That's the way I've done it. I built my HIVE bags first and then built a few others. I'm almost ready to go back to building it up another couple notches. Just got a little more accumulating of a couple other things to do first.

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So where does this Leo Power get leased? Khal just wrote an article about it in the last couple

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Much obliged.

Great article! It is so much more important to fill your HP stake before you worry about the 2nd layer communities for sure for just these reasons. Reblogging for the front page rotating feed!

Totally agree, obviously. :-) With so much going on right now I felt it was important to point it out again. Thanks for the reblog.

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They are adding literally hundreds of new users a day right now.

Actually thousands a day. They had more than 5,000 new signups yesterday.

I saw a transaction fee on ETH the other day over $500! To MOVE a token!!!

That is 1,000 Hive, enough to transact for the rest of one's life.

You are right. There is so much happening that we need to be aware of what the power of Hive truly is. As I like to say, "Hive is the blockchain Vitalik is trying to create".

Is Hive to $20 absurd with what you mentioned on your list there? Not really. If all of that comes out, we will see a much different blockchain.

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Is Hive to $20 absurd with what you mentioned on your list there? Not really.

Yes, not in the least bit absurd. These are just the things being developed NOW. Once HAF and 3Spk and ProjectBlank enter the mix, there could be many things built on top of THEM as well. It's really only the beginning....

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Yes we are going to see a major run. There is going to be a limited supply of Hive once everyone realizes what is taking place.

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You are definitely on the right track, as we all might be sitting on more than a 1000x gem. Hive's great potential will always be its huge success over other big chains that are not fully decentralized like hive is, tbh the fees on other platforms is something's Hive solves for everyone without any hidden charges.


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@dagger212! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @marvinix.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (3/10)

It really is a superior blockchain compared to virtually everything else out there. It just doesn't have the name yet. But it's coming.... Honestly, $0.46 x 1000 = $460. A little aggressive maybe but...stranger things have happened to less useful tokens. I don't think $50 is out of reach by any stretch of the imagination. Especially with some of the new use-cases being developed. Thanks for the !PIZZA

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@marvinix! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @dagger212.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (1/10)

Especially with some of the new use-cases being developed

And even more are still yet to come. Project blank for example.

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Great advice ! I believe buying your bag of HIVE is also signaling that you are here for the long run and they you are part of this community.

It is not necessary but indeed better. Otherwise you can earn it by grinding every day and never sell 😉