What's Your Best Advice For Getting More Fans In Rising Star ? NFT Market, Missions or Packs?

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Fans are going to be very very important in future. I've already hit a roadblock with the game. I thought leveling up would be an issue. Since I'm a regular player I managed fine. But I've had to run Local Mini Tour Support instead of Country Tour 😭

Not Enough Fans 😵

All I need is 7.5K Fans. I've hit the mark before. I opted to complete a shorter mission. After than those Fans were gone and I was back at lower numbers. I never got to do Country Tour....

There's 3 strategies I can think of:

  1. Go for individual NFTs on market - Optimize for Fans/Price
  2. Do more short missions & hope for good luck
  3. Buy some Boosters & get lucky

I like option 3. But what I get something other than Fans! Here's the last pack opened:

There's Luck but not much Fans.

What's Your Experience???

I don't have to overthink this when there's a community on chain. Let us have your wisdom wise players! What's the best strategy? At least... tell us what worked best for you 😃

Thanks in advance for all your help 👍
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i am playing this game but to be honest, i don't have enough interest i just do 2mission/day and that's all. I don't understand this game well this is why i try reading posts about increasing fans and decreasing ego

I strongly believe this is why there are so many giveaways of RS cards everywhere: cards with higher fans/skill rate are useless. So what I've done is start picking up cards in secondary market (not opening packs anymore - it is useless too except for the higher rare card drop rate) picking up specific cards that always have more skill than fans, while organically growing my level.

Other I've done is I've devoted entire days to Lessons, so improving Fans don't hurt very bad my Ego metter. It is very important to keep the Ego below 10% at least.

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- EvM

Thanks for that advice.


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Made a reblog to read the answers. Also interested in this question. lol

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Came from Listnerds.

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Thanks to @xawi for promoting this post on Listnerds. I think we should pick cards with more skill than fans to balance the ego.

Learning all I can for now, and your experience and comments read, have been helpful. Thanks.

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I have yet to play Rising Star. I guess I never wanted to be a rock star. Thanks for sharing.