Ultra Lightweight Open Source Password Manager - 100% Free - Now Accepting Crypto Donations

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The awesome thing about Passky is it's got all the main features you want with apps & extensions while being free & open source. Passky claims to be "The most unbloated password manager"

Passky Server is written with less than 1000 lines of code, while other password managers are usually written with more than 400 000+ lines of code. This also makes Passky more maintainable and much harder for bugs and vulnerabilities to squeeze in.

Here's What It Cost


Where To Get


Anybody is welcome to check code on their own. I haven't seen anyone talk about Passky before. But I think it could end up being a good solution. Correct me if I'm wrong in comments. After all I'm not the security expert here :)

Running On Donations

Don't Let Others Take A Cut

When there's people in middle it cost money to pay for the service. If you want more of your money straight in pockets of devs - crypto is the future. Here's their wallets. Feel free to show some love 👍

Less Private Crypto

Expensive Tx Fees

Hive Crowdfunding?

I see a huuuge potential here. We've got zero Tx fees. There's no privacy tech here. But most crypto aren't private either. Hell... we could even support with our votes for work like this. Imagine Patreon - but you don't really pay!

Then add no Tx fees. We could even make platform fee 0% to promote Hive adoption. This is what DHF should be used for IMHO :)

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