Today I Became A New Age ART Collector Via dCity & NFT Showroom

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Try and try – Someday you can fly!

That’s kind of true… I’ve finally made it to winning an auction after many months of nothing. I’ve posted about so many attempts I’ve taken to win an action on dCity with the little Hive I had. Price wasn’t the issue – It was timing that was in way.

I’ve had average luck when chance/random stuff involved. What did I do?
I kept trying on the ones I linked. It eventually worked well for me.

On Hive I posted again and again. I posted to earn LEO. I posted to earn SPT. I posted to earn many more tokens. It was next to crickets at 1st. Then few votes. Occasionally now I get a big whale like @onealfa.leo

Behold My 1st ART Owned On Blockchain!

NFT 1.png

NFT 2.png

It’s a real milestone. I’ve waited months for this & it’s finally here on my account ready for display. I’ve been so close to winning an auction and still lost it. Here’s one such example from only 1 week ago. I did not win this.

It’s honestly cool that 1st time I ever won an auction on blockchain was this time & it was getting my hands on art of a real artist on Hive.

Auction Win.png

  • I’m supporting the platform
  • I’m engaging in something cool
  • I’m saving Tx fees
  • I’m getting a super deal for the crypto I spend

Compare How Artist Get Ripped Off

Yep! That’s how hard these artists are getting ripped off on other platforms. $223.94 is more than enough to get 100 NFTs like the one I won at auction today. You can bet I'm loving the deals I find on Hive. It’s easy to miss how huge the opportunities for growth we have on Hive.

@astrocreator didn't have to go through these troubles. He had our to sell his NFT :)

Community Can Matter More Than $$$

There’s been so many hype coins. There will be so many Bitconnects in future too. What these coins had wasn’t any real tech. It was community propping things up. When Hive supports small time creators with so many opportunities we have a new community created here.

These folks interact with each other and help many Dapps grow. Even if they fail at their venture – someone else will be helped. My NFT I bought today could be worth next to nothing someday. But I’m cool with it.

Experience of participation alone was worth it!

I’ve hit a milestone and I have something cool to show off. I’ve helped an artist receive validation on blockchain. Maybe I’m buying from a future superstar. Either way I can be happy with the results. We all should be very very very grateful for all the devs who worked on building all this tech (Hive & Dapps on it)!

It’s because of them I get to have all these amazing experiences. As a community we can build on top of this. Least we can do is use these Dapps. My purchase is going to register as a user activity. I’ve got a wallet that’s active with NFT art :)

NFT Showroom artist resource collection

You can find more tutorials & details following the links above. It's not a complicated process at all. If you already know blockchain basics, you'll do fine :)

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I haven't bought an NFT, yet, but I do play on #dCity for the same support the tech. I've spent about $40 worth of Hive, I think...worth it to support the community!

Love your attitude. You can try or if you haven't already. No need to invest without learning more about them. I've been playing both of them for a long time.


@bobthebuilder2! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @d-zero.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (5/10)

I love pizza! Thank you for that! I haven't looked into splinterlands yet and I hadn't heard of risingstargame. To be honest, I'm a gaming addict. I quit cold turkey about 6 years ago. I just started letting myself play dCity a month or so ago, but it doesn't require much time or additional resources once you get started. I have to take gaming slowly or it consumes my life and my wife and 5 kids get's a struggle...

@d-zero I am happy that your first NFT work is my creation. That particular work was created to pay homage to one year of @Nftshowroom. I hope you will also follow me here on Peakd where I show a lot of my work.