Rising Star Did Something Huge With Blending

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I managed to get all 4 Festival Edition NFTs. I thought it's all over for future minting. But we're seeing a 2nd Festival World Tour. I'm gonna sit this one out. There's waaay more exciting stuff going on. What are they?

Allow me to get your attention toward this ungodly amount of stats!!! Take a look at them! Best part is it's not too hard for me to get because I already have all 4 Festival Edition NFTs.

The Risen.png

1st Things 1st - The Risers

NFTs are issued manually. I've got time to grab 1 Backstage Pass in the mean time. I've already initiated Blending :)

This Blend is for FTB4 Stephie


After that I'll get FTB5 The Risers. Finally there will be FTB6 The Risen. The stats are crazy. It's sure worth it IMHO.

Have To Sell Some Crypto

Didn't want to sell Starbits. Those are getting saved for Starbits Millionaire. Sold few bits of DEC to get enough SWAP.HIVE

Sell Crypto.png

I've got my orders ready. Did't want to trade at market price. There's time till Rising Star team issue my NFTs.

Backstage Pass Is Cheap

Backstage Pass.png

If you got all of your NFTs purely from participating in Festival World Tour - full expense for FTB6 The Risen is 53 Starpro. Let's do some math.

  • Starpro market price = 5.27
  • Hive market price = $0.59
  • 5.27 X 53 = 279.32 Hive
  • Current dollar value = $164.79

There's A Proposal To Vote

If you support Rising Star it'll be easier for devs to do more work faster. Well funded Dapps like LeoFinance & Splinterlands did well. They didn't get DHF funding. But that doesn't change the fact of more funds = faster development. So show some love :)

Where To Play Rising Star

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