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RE: Account Ownership: Undervalued Aspect To Hive

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This stuff is going to be lot more important to those who have received the ban hammer. Since more people are getting banned - we can expect more "normies" to understand the value of true ownership of your content+account.

Chaos of the traditional social media space is making the use case of Hive so much better. It's actually great for all crypto. Even Parler is back again. I think Hive/LEO should see if we can buy some adds there :)

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Parler is just another centralized entity of a different flavor. It caters to a different crowd but the fact it was closed down means that it is not decentralized in any manner.

Thus, if we follow the concept of social media and finance, we see how the entire "economy" of parler could be wiped out in an instant.

Imagine if there were billions of dollars on there.

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Exactly! Parler user have 1st hand experience in what can happen to their platform. This means Hive's use case cane be very important to them. that's why I suggested running Hive/LEO ads on Parler.

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Good point.

People ran to Parler because it wasnt Twitter not realizing it was the same structure as Twitter.

It is also why I am so optimistic about the new Leofinance app. We can offer both Twitter and Parler users an alternative that is decentralized and does not run on centralized servers. Being tied to Hive, one owns his or her account and all that is done on the platform ends up being posted on Hive.

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I think there was this feature talked about that let you import your old Tweets into #ProjectBlank That's going to help a lot of people transition easily.