New Micro Investment Platform Launched For Solo Founders By Solo Investors

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Investing beyond crypto has become a big boys club. When founders looking for money they need to do big pitches to impress big money. What if they could talk to talk to small time investors and get 6 moths to work on their own?


  • Submissions are free for founders
  • Investors pay $49 1time platform fee (to avoid spamming)

It's a nifty idea & it all began from a Tweet:


Perfect For Solopreneurs

  • Micro Invest is all about paying 1 person's living expenses for 6 months
  • That's enough time for a decent working product
  • Give peace of mind to the entrepreneur
  • Funding Devs/Makers living in low cost of living area can be very beneficial
  • Cool way to find awesome investment opportunities before they become a "Hit"


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