McAfee Didn't Uninstall Himself - But Death Of John McAfee is Being Monetized In A Scummy Crypto Pump

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John McAfee was a flawed man. He's also a man who did great things. I remember him from the days where he went on MSM TV fought against government forcing Apple to create backdoors. He told those governments monsters liars and it was all proven to be correct. Government never need the backdoor for the use case they said they want the backdoor for.

Now I See This Ad When Browsing


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John McAfee Didn't Kill Himself

If you've followed at least fraction of John McAfee's work or you've seen the Epstein stuff or any other "Conspiracy" you already disbelieve this complete BS about suicide. People like McAfee die by suicide when it goes like this:

Screenshot - In Case Tweet Got "Whacked"


Few More Things About John McAfee For Noobs

John McAfee Ran For Office

Valutainment Interview

Incredible Series of Words Worth Sharing

The last clip is the perfect kind of clip you can share around your noob friends and family who have no idea about the state they are in as individuals. All of this happens and and we've got idiots who are pumping a joke trying to make the price go MOON!

Tell Me If This Doesn't Look A Scam


Here's the link:

I didn't visit any of the websites. Who knows how secure those are. There's only 300 members online at time of writing. It's not a huge scam like Bitconnect yet. What gets on my nerve is how these people are using a trending name to pump a coin for profit. This wasn't what crypto was made for!!! This wasn't what McAfee fought for and paid for with life!!!

The above Tweet has given much ammunition to these scumbags of humans. Some delusional whackos might actually believe $WHACKD will become another DOGE or something.

McAfee Didn't Uninstall Himself

It's a comment I saw on net & I think it's a perfect hashtag. The comedian in McAfee made this awesome video 8 years ago after not having anything to do with McAfee Antivirus for 15 years:


Since you posted the Patrick Bet David interview, here is a follow up:




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