I'm Not Selling Vouchers πŸ’Έ I'm Buying Hive πŸ’Ή There's A Difference! πŸš€

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I figured I've got bunch of unused Vouchers left with me. I've got bunch of SPS. It's mostly from airdrop + APR. Then there's earnings from battles & reward chests. SPS staked => Vouchers earned!

It's that simple. question is what I do with it??? @khaleelkazi himself Tweeted about having a a good buying opportunity for Hive at $0.49 We haven't moved much from those prices.

I Could Loose Some Of This πŸ˜ƒ

Opted to sell out 400 of these. It's not like HODLing Vouchers will have much upside. We're done with most preslae stuff. There will be more use cases with Tower Defense. Devs are making new utility for Vouchers! But is that enough to make prices Moon? That's a hard case. But what about Hive... We've got more developments & more Dapps getting built here. Hive has a stronger bull case.

Clearly Missed The Best Days To Sell

September 9 looked VERY good. Too bad I slept on all this. I was going FOMO with Vouchers: What if I didn't have enough Vouchers left to use!

I really should have sold & kept some Hive in wallet to buy Vouchers if ever needed. That looks like the better strategy. Need to learn those lessons to become a better investor. Else I'll be repeating similar mistakes.

Multiple Sell Walls Is Best

I'm in no rush. I can wait few days. I made sure to keep order within price range of recent dates. I'm not aiming for Vouchers pump. I'm getting ready for Hive πŸš€πŸŽ‘

Best part is Hive-Engine tokens aren't paired with stablecoins like HBD. Maybe we should have some of that. For now it's just Hive. That makes trading way easier. No swaps. No extra routes. It's a bunch of sell walls on 1 trading pair.

Sold 100 Vouchers in Minutes

It was a good I had this as few sell walls. It's bad I estimated too low of a price. There's 26308 Hive trading volume. There's still good demand. But optimizing for best trades is just too much work for me. I'm not a bot. I'll take peace of mind and play some Splinterlands.

Play Some Splinterlands

It's actually really good on its own. Even without #Play2Earn it'll be a solid game people can have fun with. With #GameFi elements Splinterlands is elevated to a completely new level. Active players only have to take 1 hour/day to do well. Passive investors have NFT renting.

  • You can have your NFT
  • Earn APR on your NFT
  • Quickly sell your NFT if price πŸš€

You'll hardly see that from other #Play2Earn games. Even when you do - most of them got sloppy execution.

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Nice. Did you buy Runi?

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Are you buying rather

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Nope. I waited it out 😊 !PIZZA


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