Hive-Engine RC Leases Makes Passive Income On A Resource I Don't Even Use

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Opportunities on Hive are getting bigger & better. Sometimes some of them totally fly over my head. If it's not for all the nice bloggers on Hive I'd be missing out on a lot ☘️

This time I've got to thank @gadrian I found 2 news opportunities today!

Get him some votes folks! Add a follow on top of that 📰
There's lots of good info on his blog 💡

RC Lease 💸 Passive Income

I've got 100% RC most of time. Even when I'm active..... it's recovering faster than I spend RC. Take a look at this before any delegations - I've been posting in a very regular way ⏩

20 Hive In 50 Weeks

That's what I'm getting. I'll fill more of these when I can find them. That way someone can put this RC to use. Otherwise it'll be wasted on my account.

Hope You Learned Something 📖

My experience is 50 HP is enough for most people. Some will manage with even 10 HP. You'll get few extra crypto delegating your RC. You will NOT loose voting power!

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Thanks for the mention! You've caught some good deals for your RCs! ;)

I will keep looking for more !PIZZA !LUV


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@d-zero(1/5) tipped @gadrian (x1)

Learn more at!