Diamond Paws Showed Their True Colors πŸ’Ž

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It hasn't been even 24 hours since variable staking CUB Kingdom release. Most of old CUB Kingdom is already moved to long term staking. I was actually late to check it out and get my CUB into new Kingdom contract.

Announcement Post

I've been waiting for this for a long time. Wonder why @khaleelkazi went for 52 weeks lockup πŸ” I've already locked vexPOLYCUB for 2 years. So many people were happy to ape in for 104 weeks.

If 104 week was the max - I would have taken it. Judging by past actions of community.... so much more CUB will be following the same path!

Old Kingdom Has No Rewards!

We've got the incentives to move funds. Here's few more stats:

  • CUB marketcap = $397K
  • Old Kingdom = $92K
  • New Kingdom = $144K

That means most CUB holders are betting all on CUB only. They don't want to have another crypto with them. That's really good sentiment from community ☘️

Connect Wallet & Approve Contract

I'm using MetaMask. There's many others to pick & choose. I picked MetaMask long time ago. Currently sticking with it because it's been working fine for me. Most tutorials use MetaMask. It was easier for me to get started with it.

Once you get some training in crypto - all wallets become kind of same. There're all trying to do similar stuff. So you're facing mostly UI differences with few feature changes πŸ”§


CUB will be worth waaay more in future. Flexible staking is basically liquid CUB. You'll only loose a tiny bit if you unstake too soon. More details were in announcement post.

Average Lock Duration 46 Weeks ⏳

Most lions picked 52 weeks! That's the explanation! These are the true colors of the community! We're not worried about short terms. We're not even worried about mid term! It's all long term HODL πŸŽ‰

Rewards Shown Separately 🎁

It's a cool extra feature to have. I don't even remember how much CUB I staked. New UI is more helpful for lions who want to track their earnings. I'm cool with set it & forget it path.

CUB selling will come mostly from folks farming other assets. DAO is there do create enough buying. That's why CUB price held so well. @cubdaily has regular reports on DAO. Check them out to learn more.

See You Next Year πŸ“…

I'd probably take some profits. Hopefully there will be collateralized lending ready. If that happens... I can get a self-paying loan. That way I can extend everything. Looking forward to all the cool stuff coming in future πŸ˜‰

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