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Prices are in Starpro. It's really because I wanna get finished with this Festival World Tour. I just have 1 more NFT to get. After that I'll have all the limited edition NFTs. Don't have any plans to sell those for the short term. Rarity factor could help a ton over time. I'm really betting on Rising Star to do well in future.

We've got a big audience with Keychain installed. It's an easy game to play. I think there will be lots of interest towards a properly decentralized social media. Dapps from LEO and Splinterlands team are putting Hive on map. Some users of these Dapps may not even realize there are on Hive :P

Here's What's Available

Don't be Too Late!

  • None of these NFTs are in print
  • Blend to mint special limited edition NFTs
  • Some folks only lack few of these in their collections
  • Priced close to mint cost of 1 Starpro

DHF Proposal

If you play the game - why not support it!
You get a better game. Devs get better pay!
There are 9 figure dev funds with some crypto. They sure are helping. We need to show similar support from Hive. That'll help us ge noticed by normies more.

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