Business Of AI Generated Art Based On User Voted Prompts

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It's a cool new website I found called Everyday 12:00 UTC we've got an AI making all new art based on what wins the votes. You can add your own suggestion and check how it preform on leaderboard


I'll share some example art made based on user prompts by this AI. Some of these are really cool and compete with many amateur artist work you get to see online.

The Internet.

Stupid cartoon mouse

Wet alphabet street

Music festival on a space station

You Can Buy These Art

It's a really cool way to get a better idea about what users want to see and have them available for sale. I think it's a great way to go after the boring and pointless "Modern Art" guys.

When art can be generated as large scale by AI, art can get cheap. Folks can focus more on what they like. There will be less focus on pricing and brand names. I have a feeling there might be some new inventions to make these art feel "special" to be sold at high prices.

NFTs are kind of doing that in the 1st place. What I like about NFTs I've bought is they have real use beyond just being digital piece of content. I own NFTs on Splinterlands, Rising Start, dCity, Exode & I've had a great time with these investments.


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Cool app and AI surely gives unexpected creations which are fascinating for human beings. Some of those are pretty amazing and I would buy them as Art NFTs and I think that the AI ART domain is a niche that will flourish in the future. Have that coupled with some gamification and it would elevate into something unseen.


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Have that coupled with some gamification and it would elevate into something unseen.

We've already seen most of it with Splinterlands. Only difference is humans did art instead of AI. ow I've seen AI make text based RPG. Eventually they'll be able to make more complex RPG with NFTs involved as characters/items etc. (imagine VR D&D with AI creating the stories).

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