Automatically Convert Your social Media Post To NFTs Using Social NFTs

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It's still a pre-launch product. It's not the coolest thing ever either. But here's the thing about this industry: Most NFTs are just over-hyped. That's not always a bad thing. Well...... it's bad if you're the buyer. But selling opportunity could mean something really awesome.

If you've got a nice social media presence (unlike me) you can automate and monetize your content with Social NFTs. It's a simple silly thing. I don't see a future for it. But occasionally 1 of your collection could go up in value because some crazy reason - like they become a huge celebrity etc.


Not Serious Investment!

Splinterlands is a perfect example IMHO on how to do NFT right. Social NFTs aren't anything close. I can't use it cause I don't use those Web.20 social media stuff anymore.

If you are still active on those places - you could make a quick buck in case there were any buyers.If your friends are like me I wouldn't touch your cheap meaningless NFT. But that doesn't mean you can't find someone who has gone all in to NFT craze.

It's easy money for not much of work. Hope you'll have a fine time with it :)

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