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RE: Weekly Dividends paid - Engagement Project + 20 HIVE(+ 1 LBI ) contest ( STEM Engagement contest )

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Yo buddy.
It seems like your herokuapp cant detecr Utopis. It says I don't own any Utopis, but I do have 177 xD


Hey I just checked , it says you haven't got any payouts from it yet . Once you get the payouts it will display .
Today is the payout ( since it is Monday ) but I will update it tomorrow so you will be able to see it tomorrow.

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Okay cool, ye well I checked after the payout because I wanted to see the APR :D

I updated it , you can check now . I wasn't feeling very well from last night so couldn't update , forgive me .

The APR is a good 99% lol .

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No problem buddy. Take care of yourself first :D

99% APR is quite huge, amazed to see these numbers

I know right , 99% APR at 3.5 Hive ( current price ) , think about those who bought it at 2 HIVE . That's over 150% APR.

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Ye thats insane! I only got in at 3.5 but thats still not bad :D

Well 3.5 is also great right lol?
I would use that to buy UTOPIS again. I have only 35 UTOPIS right now.

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3.5 is a good price if it keeps going up :p
And yes I am reinvesting the 11.7 hive I got back into utopis :D

Yes xD