Tesla Stocks To Reach Massive 1000$ || Tesla Stock Chart Is Insane This Week

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The market to go higher in price and the reason why we kept that forecast the same is because of two reasons the first one is this area of support around 700 dollar and then secondly the trend the market and tesla is in a uptrend now many Market are following the same trajectory and that's why we kept the prediction on going to the market in theta even though the market broke our support area around 699 it maintained the overall trend which is this ascending line this was the idea this was the clue that the trap laid down for us and to tell us i'm still expected to continue to increase his price this was him displaying that to us letting us know that he is still in to continue to increase his price and we appreciate him for telling us that he told us that on the February and since then the marketing tesla has been obeying that particular line and as it's been obeying that particular
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You see first second we're on our third opportunity to see that the trap came in and obeyed that ascending line there's nothing hard to it we can't expect that to to continue to be the case until he breaks it he's not breaking that trend seeing the market come to fruition on the 5th of February even though we had established that the mark's to continue to go higher in the 7th it took a while but it came to pass on the 12.86 percent congratulations for those who was able to catch that and for those who was able to read that even though the market really consolidated for a while you paid attention to what the trap was laying down to get the understanding that the market was still strong congratulations for those who was able to read that all and talk about whether or not the market and tesla is going to continue to see higher price movement we're going to continue to keep this line ascending line we're going to keep there the market is still following it and one thing we're up 19.34 percent that is very massive to see this particular market go that high for tesla

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