Oil Stock Market Top Based On The Last Cycle! How Much Do You Need To Invest To Be A Millionaire

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The stocks market in oil on april the 27th in anticipation of looking for the market to high in price and it did we had our price there at a 63 dollar and it happened relatively quick it didn't take four or five days for this Stocks market oil to stable below a 63 dollar.

You see the next day on the 28th of april the market broke the trend i'm gonna break that down in just a second how much profitability was given in the oil stocks market there around 62 dollar and a quarter percent was tagged out there ultimately our price was coming in through you know 63 dollar which would have given us but obviously.

You tell from yesterday's price action that the stock marketing oil has broken the downtrend that is speaks volumes for us in relation to whether or not the downturn is going to continue to take a break the market trade sideways and then resume back down to lower prices.
We are going to hold that support area rather than down around 62.8 dollar the market confirmed that it wanted to hold that price above a 63 dollar that is going to be the current newest support area in the stock market for oil we're breaking the trend .

We're going to hold this market within the trading range then since we have broken this downside movement the stocks market in oil we can try to determine where the restriction area is going to be in the market for oil.
I'm looking at this on a one-hour time frame and around this vicinity is where we're going to expect the stocks market in oil to find the next restriction area it might come up towards 64 dollar.

The stocks market for oil and that is the current area of restriction into the market for oil it might be around in the Stocks market for oil. i'm actually going to hold it there this is the trading range this is the area that we're going to expect the market in oil to trade over the next couple of days

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