Ethereum Path To 2,500 $ Ethereum Will Explode Next After Altcoins

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Ethereum has definitely hit some weakness it has rejected of contingency price movement higher in price on a daily time frame a look at the market real quick in the theory modern three day you see on the one day time frame that the market as well is losing a lot of gas and momentum to continue to increase that price i say that because over the last one day price bars the market in ethereum has not made any higher highs in fact we're finding some restriction in the market in ethereum around 1900 almost 1950 we need to keep that in mind as we continue to see this market in ethereum trade in the long term looking on the one day time frame
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you see here that the market is giving us some weakness as well it is not that weak and also before i go on i wanted to talk about the one-day time frame again and talk about the volume look at this on the three-day time frame you see at the bottom of the chart that the market is not hinting at a lot of volume what is going on as the market and ethereum saw increased movement higher in price as we saw the market alongside that ascending line the volume was decent it was there and now we're seeing the volume drop off while returning around 1850.


We need to question that we got to ask the question well why is that are we losing a lot of the money to continue to increase this price maybe you see a little bit better even on the weekly time frame that the market in ethereum is losing the volume is the gas that continues to push price higher and once you see the market decline on volume you ask yourself the question especially while we're trading around all-time highs in the market for ethereum what is going on obviously we're losing a lot of demand in this space for ethereum so real quick looking on the line 90 minute chart for ethereum you see for the most part there's not a lot going on this particular currency is just simply traded within a range we are also noticing that 18 i'm sorry 1700

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