Ending Month Of December Apple Stock Still Found Rejection At 140 or 139


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What we talked about on our last blog in apple he wants to take our money we need to try to take the money from him period and if you were able to call this market that we generated this prediction back in december congratulations because you took the money back you grabbed the bag and you took the profit off the market because we expected a market in apple to go higher price you see there they did congratulations now that is done that is over 7.15 profitability was taken out of the market and given back to us congratulations get rid of it and now we have a clean chart have one line on our chart
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It just the gauge the trend that's all the market in apple is still in a uptrend we can also draw another line just to give us a better idea as to what occurred look at this that's not hard the market in apple rejected itself around 139 dollars for us to see that happen again should not be a surprise it did it once back in september so towards the ending of the month of december apple stock still found rejection at 140 or around 139 cool now the trap is telling us that this area around 138 140 is restriction he's having issues there now look at this market in apple on a three day time frame you see> Quote that that is definitely some weakness on that last completed three-day price bar look at the volume we definitely have not seen any volume at least two to three three-day price bars we haven't seen this much volume and for us to close on the low on this last completed three-day price bar

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