Bitcoin Next Target 🎯 Price 75,000 $ Market Going To Space Everyday

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The market and you were in position to capitalize on that price gain that is over that is done at least fifteen point nine two percent profitability at best 231 percent if you want to get off the market that is over that is done with we need to get rid of it and now we need to get in position on the next anticipated price move the first thing you see on this price chart that we have two lines are they still applicable in the current trading environment for grab the market is trading up there around 52,000 dollars but our lines are down there towards the market's not even close to those lines we don't need them the first thing that we're going to do is get rid of one of them and the second one we're going to utilize to make sure that we follow the continual trend in the market for graph make a determination as to how low this particular marketing graph can go this is the current trend into the marketing graph
download 91.png
You see that we are definitely over extended in terms of how far away we are from the trend that simply the market can go all the way back down to our ascending line and we can still see this market hold strength there though this on the three-day time frame you see that on our last completed three-day price bar the market and graph definitely saw a lot of selling if it wasn't if that wasn't the case then the marketing graph would not have went lower in price on the current three-day price bar but i would give you the als i will also indicate to you that the marketing graph is definitely consuming a lot of the selling that came through on that last completed three-day price bar on the five-day timeframe you see where that volatility and the spread movement higher came throught on this particular five-day price bar and now with the high volume we haven't seen that much volume and graphs maybe five five five-day price bars

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