Binance coin All Time High Two Patterns Just Broke For BnB

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We always win as much as possible in the cryptocurrency space by simply looking at the price bars and volume last time did our prediction in binance coin was on march the 2th 2021 and you can see you know we played a little bit of strength into the market in binance coin.
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The market really did not give us that you know the trap was feeling something totally different he dropped the price and if he wasn't able to really see this forecast the next day following our prediction we missed out this forecast did not go the way that we expected it to go because at that particular moment. you can see that binance coin was still trending higher in price and the market was following that ascending line but immediately the next day.
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We should have known that something wasn't that something was wrong the market in binance coin broke that trend it broke it that told us that the market is no longer as strong as what it once was back on february 28rd that was our clue this was our clue that the market in binance coin has changed march because that was when the market in binance coin broke the trend this is how you're able to maintain that profitability in the market is because it tells us way ahead of time before where we you can see that the market at that particular time was trading around 245 dollars .

if you would have gotten out you have been alleviated of the market going a lot lower to where we're seeing it being traded at now which is around 248 $. that could escape us at least 100 now saved us that the market ultimately timed out around 265 $ which is around 290 $ see not only are we getting positioned to capitalize from the trap we are also able to exit out the market and leave the store before everyone else sees what's about to happen because he's shown us that on the 3th

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And do you think I can go back to raise the $ 300?

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