Electric Vehicle Adverts In South Africa - Not Even Close To Being Ready

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I found this quite funny today as this advert came through on my twitter feed promoting the all new electric mini. Considering we are a third world country with irregular electricity supply what fool would buy this. As tempting as it is to go electric and be green this is a non starter for many years to come.

Johannesburg has 3 charging stations right now all close by next to each other which was highly intelligent.

The model looks more like a mannequin as it states it takes 60 minutes to charge for approximately 40km so where the stations are currently situated I would have to wait two hours just to get home. The range is only 200km which is kind of in between and is very limited in what you could do with it.

Until we have a reliable source of electricity and a larger range I cannot see them taking off here until those matters are resolved. Just this week we had our neighboring country of Zimbabwe announce the drastic measures of 12 hour power cuts every day. Things have got that bad and we are not that far behind them.


10 years to build and 1 week to blow it up and hadn't even been used yet as it was brand new. At a cost of around R235 billion or $16 billion what a waste and must have been as corrupt as hell to cost that amount surely. The technicians hadn't purged all the hydrogen out the system before oxygen was added.

Last month we had what we all thought was an earthquake a mild one anyway but thought nothing of it at the time. This earth tremor turned out to be our bright sparks servicing a generator or turbine for one of the power stations which they blew up. The hydrogen has to be removed before you add oxygen otherwise you get what they found out a massive explosion. We are now down another power plant which is estimated to take 3 years to build.


Must be a first for everything as earthquakes are rare around these parts.

I am personally waiting on the technology that is being developed with StoreDot which is an Israeli Battery company with over 1000 scientists developing a quick charge battery for Electric vehicles. I mentioned this a while back that they have already developed a 30 second phone battery charger and a 3 minute scooter charger so they are on their game.


Heat has been the biggest problem as you can imagine with so much energy being created they have had to use silicon nodes instead of lithium so basically have had to start from scratch and have been at it for 9 years already.

The problem with electric vehicles is it is not the vehicle but the technology around the battery that needs to be improved. StoreDot is developing not only a quick charge battery but also extending the range of what is currently available. The aim is to have 5 minute car charge, but also allow one to drive over 1000 km on that charge and that is what is taking the time to get right.

From what I have read those batteries will be available by 2025 and that is the game changer for the industry. People buying now are not only paying a premium price for something that isn't quite ready, but also limited in it's usage. New technology takes time to perfect and master so patience is needed as research and development is done


This is where they are currently and will release these but they are not finished developing them yet. If you own a Tesla and had a choice between 8 hors or 10 minutes I guess you would opt for the 10 minutes and why they will sell many of these now. Will Tesla allow another battery in their car is another question as could it affect the warranty or guarantees? I have no idea on that and will be interesting to see how Tesla combats their batteries being replaced.

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Batteries are the culprits for the environmental pollution and Performance efficiency. The research sounds promising. Hope they will be able to perfect the technology. I also wish the scientists are cognizant of the pollution and the potential exploit in the battery metal supply chain mechanism. Things are complex.

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I agree and why this is taking so long to perfect as the lithium iodes have been replaced with silicon. Obviously there are chemicals involved but this is still big steps from what we know now.

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