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RE: Targeted Ads have become so intelligent and can even read my mind

in LeoFinance7 months ago

To give these personalized ads a vote of confidence, I will say that at least they are in line with our tastes.

Not so with a generic ad (like the ones they put on TV) since these lead us to be equal to each other, I mean, zero diversity.

Fun fact: In Cuba, no ads appear while we use YouTube or Twitter, for example. I can only see them if I connect to a VPN and they are quite generic.


I did not know that about Cuba, that must be nice to never have to pay additional fees for ad-free services.

It's not really that good...I mean, no ads because we can't afford to pay for them. In Cuba we do not have credit or debit cards such as VISA or Mastercard, nor access to international banks.

I imagine that advertisers know that and are not willing to pay to have their ads shown to an audience that will never be able to buy from them.

Oh wow. That does sound like it may be more of a difficulty than a luxury.

That's for sure.