Which Beer & Bratwurt Price does it take to win big in Rabona?

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What does it take to win big in Rabona? Players, Buildings, Fixtures, Money? Or is it maybe all ruled by Bratwurst and Beer prices? Worth to investigate...

Getting the Data

The Bratwurst and Beer prices are available on each Club's overview page. Starting from the Ranking, going through each player, I can get all prices from all players... OK, maybe not manually, but with a bit of scripting...


Here are the Beer prices vs. the win ratio for all players:

And the same for Bratwurst prices vs. win ratio:

The default price is 2 RBN for both Beer and Bratwurst, which most players didn't change. There's a small spread towards lower prices and a larger spread towards higher prices, up to 10 RBN.
However, a clear correlation between price an win ratio is not obvious here.

Let's split the data into two:

  • win ratio >= 0.5: won half of the matches or more
  • win ratio < 0.5: won less than half of the matches
prices (RBN)win ratio >= 0.5win ratio < 0.5
Bratwurstmean: 2.77, median: 2.5mean: 2.46, median 2.0
Beermean: 2.79, median: 2.6mean: 2.5, median: 2.0

From that split, there is indeed a difference between the teams who win more than half vs. those who win less than half of the matches, and the community-chosen mean/median prices are above the default 2 RBN.

So, adjust you Bratwurst and Beer prices!

...or find a better strategy to win :)

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This can be very useful, thanks for pulling the data! I haven't looked at my beer & bratwurst prices in a while and might be a good opportunity to change them.

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Thanks for the analysis! Can you see where is the sweet spot in price to sell more than the cost?

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I could imagine the sweet spot is specific to each player's setup, depending on several factors, e.g. capacity vs. operating costs, visitors, occupancy, ...