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RE: Uniswap Showing How We Are Entering The Age Of Abundance

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No doubt that with DeFis we are entering a new era for the crypto universe. It's amazing how Uniswap is making things thrive. Several people must have sold their tokens when they were making about $ 1,400 and today I see that it has almost doubled in value. These are opportunities that only cryptocurrencies offer and this is just the beginning.

We will have several other forms of earnings in the future and one of them will be DeFo (Decentralized Forex) which will be created later this year on Waves Plataforma. The cool thing about this is that there are countless ways that anyone can manage to make their own income. Blockchain came to give that opportunity to everyone. Over time, we will see more actions by blockchain technology in the masses and companies. The future is right there.

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