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RE: The Changing Nature Of Work

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There is a good deal of truth to what you say here, yet not all forms of work are susceptible to the changes in paradigm. Construction labor for example is little changed over the years while project management most certainly has changed.

On the whole though you present a very accurate picture of how the nature of 'work' has and is changing. If there is one point in the article I would hope to see change it is in the 'could' and 'might' terms. As you point out change is a constant over time and yet, sadly, the social tendency is to resist it.

Fortunately we have before us an opportunity that is unique in human history. For the first time ever those who, like yourself, have a genuine talent for seeing how things can be changed have at their disposal the means to share that vision, create a proactive audience and for the first time ever be able to influence the path of change. With this we can change the 'might be' and 'could be' into 'can be' and 'will be'.

It is not entirely accurate to say that this circumstance is completely new, there is one earlier example. The founding of America as a nation has many parallels, however, as you point out it also had the attendant catastrophic events of the revolution. In todays opportunity we have the power and ability to foresee and avoid such unpleasant consequences as we effect change in a positive direction. The question is will we choose to come together in common cause and at least general agreement and take the path of least resistance?

Blessed be.


Sadly, history seems to dictate that we need long periods of unpleasantness before people are willing to be open to change.

The last two "transformative" Presidents, regardless of what anyone thinks about them, came only after a long period of suffering. FDR and Reagan followed a decade of turmoil. For better or worse, they were able to instill policies that altered the direction of the country.

We are at that same point again. The difference is we have the technological angle to consider which was not present 50 or 100 years ago. This is accelerating a great deal.

Time will tell how quickly people open up to things. Many simply seem to prefer to play the victim.

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