Flexing CUB and LEO prices on my MacBook Pro TouchBar

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Over a year ago, I wrote about the Mac Touch Bar script to track the STEEM/SBD price. For obvious reasons, we don't care much for this now but I resurrected my little BetterTouchTool app, with jq (for json parsing) and the @coingecko API for CUB and LEO prices.

It's pretty simple to setup:




#! /bin/bash

output=$(curl -s "https://api.coingecko.com/api/v3/simple/price?ids=CUB-FINANCE&vs_currencies=USD");
cub=$(echo $output | /usr/local/bin/jq ".\"cub-finance\".usd");
cub=$(printf "%0.3f" $cub);
echo "\$$cub"

Rinse and repeat for LEO. It's pretty sexy isn't it?


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awesome, that looks cool!
Is that region on the keyboard also sensitive to touch events, can you / do you bind anything there?

Yes, you can bind anything to anything :)

First time I find this touch at really useful 😅

Great work, that looks great ! I can't stand apple but thanks to that I would like this macbook :')

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This is about the only useful thing the touchbar is for lol!

Right 😅

Very but how about in mobile? Filipinos always use mobile because it's cheaper I guess.

That's a nice tool by the way.

This is only for MacBook Pro with touchbar.