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RE: A Hive Blockchain Podcast

in LeoFinance2 years ago

Why don’t you start the podcast that you think would be good? I think it would be a great and fun way for you to get yourself out there more but also learn and do some of the stuff first hand! I love podcasts myself and though I haven’t listened to any on hive stuff or much related to crypto I’ll have to see if I can find some people that interest me. I’ll check out the CTP group. What’s their podcast link? I know they have a community but I don’t think I’ve listened to them before.


I am not sure If I can manage a regular podcast with the regular job I have. CTT is already happening. They just need to post that on podcast platforms. I will share the link for CTP.

Yeah I know how that is! Might be something you can start up if things go more to shit lol