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RE: Electric Vehicles Boom - Do we have infrastructure in place? A Long Way Up

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I get pretty annoyed seeing all of the EV stuff going on. It’s actually dirtier than petrol based cars because most places rely heavily on coal power plants.

The other asinine thing is these things should be rolling freaking solar panels. I have yet to see a single solar panel on an electric car! It’s just common sense to include them in the cars but then again manufacturing wants you to keep their friends in business too.


You do know that refining oil needs loads of power too? Refineries are generally build near power stations. Electric cars can use renewable power too. Even if you cover a car in solar panels it is fairly limited in what benefit it can get. The weight of the panels may be an issue too. Cars have been built with panels, but not sure any are in production. Just building any car is a polluting process, but we do need to really reduce pollution in cities. Less cars is the real answer.

Less cars is the solution going forward. However, there should be balance between large public transportation which could be autonomous and electric. EV infrastructure is key to supporting and developing those solutions. The infrastructure has to move beyond cities and enthusiasts.

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I agree with you. We definitely can work towards making the energy used for EVs cleaner than what we are doing now. That goes with the concept of EV infrastructure where we make sure that the energy we produce and use for charging these vehicles are is clean sourced.
Using solar power is one aspect of the EV infrastructure. However, that requires more and rigorous research on product efficiency. There will always be politics and profit behind these decisions. Early movers will make the market and take cuts from it. That is obvious. But, for the longterm when we have all we need, the natural energy solutions could be the future we want to have instead of limited and polluted fossil fuel, I guess.

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